Rakuten Trade Launches Tesla Car Giveaway As Stocks Surge

Rakuten Trade Launches Tesla Car Giveaway As Stocks Surge

Rakuten Trade Sdn Bhd (Rakuten Trade), Malaysia’s first fully digital equity broker has seen some major activity recently, especially when it comes to trading electric vehicle (EV) shares.

Interest in EVs continues to grow both locally and abroad.  This interest is extending beyond just vehicles to include software, semiconductors, components, batteries, and lithium mining sectors.

“Despite fluctuations in share prices and a nearly 40% reduction in Toyota Motor Corp’s 2023 EV sales forecast, investors are still interested in these stocks because of its technological advancements. Investing in EV-related shares is perceived to support sustainable investing and align with their lifestyle preferences.

“The EV sector’s rapid growth and promising prospects continue to capture the attention of investors seeking opportunities in this dynamic industry,” said Kazumasa Mise, CEO of Rakuten Trade in a recent press release.

EV sector stocks surges up to 41%

Looking at Bursa Malaysia stock exchange, EV sector stocks such as EP Manufacturing Bhd (KLSE: EPMB) have experienced surges in the number of Rakuten Trade traders (up to 41%).

This surge came after the announcement that EPMB had managed to secure an EV manufacturing license from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI).

Other EV-related stocks have also seen increased growth and activity.  Stocks like ACO Group Bhd (KLSE: ACO), Pestech International Bhd (KLSE: PESTECH), and Yinson Holdings Bhd (KLSE: YINSON) also continue to grow by more than 100% on average monthly. These companies are contributing towards accelerating the development and adoption of EV infrastructure that is sorely needed in Malaysia.

EV-related stocks remain popular in US and HK

In the United States, EV-related stocks such as Tesla (TSLA), Rivian Automotive (RIVN) remain popular choices among Rakuten Trade clients. In the Hong Kong market, there is also continued interest in EV players such as BYD (BYDDF), Nio (NIO), and Li Auto (LI).

“This is indicative of their higher risk appetite. Conversely, beginner US traders who invest in EV stocks, adopt a buy-and-hold strategy, displaying their confidence in the long-term potential of EV companies,” Mise added, noting that investors who trade Bursa EV traditionally adopt a short-term investment strategy.

Stand a chance to win a Tesla by using Rakuten Trade

As we enter the final quarter of 2023, Rakuten Trade will continue to dedicate itself towards boosting retail participation in the equity market.

To facilitate this goal, Rakuten Trade launched a “Trade Smart & Win A Tesla” campaign that awards one client the keys to a Tesla Model Y vehicle. 

This campaign is designed to acknowledge and reward traders for their active involvement in the market. The more trades a Rakuten Trade client successfully matches, the higher their opportunity to win.

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