Rakuten Trade Clients Can Now Invest In Birkenstock

Rakuten Trade Clients Can Now Invest In Birkenstock

Rakuten Trade clients have an amazing opportunity on their hands! Recently, German premium footwear sensation, Birkenstock (BIRK), has successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

For those who are unfamiliar, Birkenstock is one of the largest German brands worldwide, being the German footwear industry’s largest employer. Rather than outsource production, the company prefers to keep manufacturing local, with over 95% of all products being manufactured at the company’s own production sites.

Over 100 years ago, Birkenstock invented the footbed, a part of footwear that is incredibly common today. Thanks to this, much of our footwear comfort can be credited to Birkenstock.

From Barbie to NYSE

Birkenstock has also made waves as of late, with some of its products being featured in the Barbie movie, being shown off by the fabulous Margot Robbie herself.

The stock was listed on the New York Stock Exchange on October 11 in a less than spectacular debut. Described as one of the worst debuts on NYSE, the stock dropped as much as 21% in the first week of trading.

Since then, it has moved up and down, and currently trading at over 4% off its October 11 opening price. According to Morningstar, the stock is trading at US$38, quite a bit lower than its issue price of US$46.

If you are considering investing in Birkenstock, now is your opportunity. Rakuten Trade clients can now own a piece of BIRK’s business by buying their shares.

If you’re a Birkenstock fan, considering adding their shares to your portfolio here.


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