Govt Announces Launch Of Civil Servant Rahmah Postpaid Package

Govt Announces Launch Of Civil Servant Rahmah Postpaid Package

Along with the upcoming national day celebrations, the Ministry of Communications and Digital has collaborated with Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), and telecommunications service providers (Telco) to announce the new Rahmah 5G Package, and the Rahmah Postpaid Incentive for Civil Servants.

The telcos that are involved in these packages include CelcomDigi, Maxis, Unifi, Yes, and U Mobile. Two device companies, namely Samsung and Honor are also participating in this collaboration.

The Communications minister, Fahmi Fadzil announced the details of the package in a launch event that happened this afternoon.

The Rahmah 5G package is a 5G smartphone package that offers a device price as low as RM240, along with a data plan from 60GB per month for RM60 monthly, and will be available for subscription as early as 31st August 2023.

The Rahmah 5G package will be open for all Malaysians to subscribe to, and for the first 100,000 subscribers, they will get to enjoy a RM120 subsidy for the device price within the Rahmah 5G package.

“For example, for devices that are priced at RM240 in this package, eligible customers from the B40 income bracket will only have to pay RM120,” said Fahmi Fadzil in his speech.

Civil Servant Rahmah postpaid package

Along with the Rahmah 5G packages, Fahmi Fadzil also announced a separate Rahmah postpaid incentive for civil servants.

It was introduced as a gesture of appreciation to all government employees at the state and federal level. There are two categories under this.
1. Civil servants who sign up to a postpaid package worth RM60 or more
2. Civil servants who are currently subscribed to existing postpaid packages worth RM60 and above with any participatig telcos or have postpaid packages are not tied to a contract. Those with existing contracts will need to check with the providers on eligibility.

Other Rahmah 5G incentives on the way

The Rahmah postpaid incentive, available from 16 September 2023, offers a RM10 rebate per month for any existing postpaid package selected from telco companies, which provides more savings to civil servants.

Along with the announcement of these two Rahmah packages, Fahmi Fadzil also announced that a Rahmah rebate incentive scheme for media practitioners will be launched in September.

Both the Rahmah 5G packages and the Rahmah postpaid incentive for civil servants are part of the government’s ongoing initiative to ensure that as many Malaysians as possible get to enjoy the benefits of 5G.

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