PR1MA (Part 3): 1Malaysia People’s Housing Programme – How To Apply?


In the final part of our PR1MA Series, we examine the steps to signing up for the programme as well as other things you need to take note of when you’re a PR1MA home owner.

6 steps to register

Step 1: Create an account and set up your very own PR1MA ID and password, then have them verified with your email. You can do this here.

Step 2: With your ID and password, log in to the PR1MA website and follow the instructions to get your unique PR1MA Number.

Step 3: After registration, wait to be notified via email or SMS when the development of your choice is launched. Once you’ve received notification, you can submit an application for balloting.

Step 4: Following submission, your application will be verified. This usually takes place after the entire application period has ended. Successful applications will then be processed for balloting.

Step 5: Once balloting is completed, the successfully balloted numbers will be listed on its official website. If you are a successful ballotter, you will also be contacted via email or SMS. Thereafter, you are to proceed with your own end-financing arrangement with the bank of your choice.

Step 6: Once everything is in order, they will proceed to contact you on your allocation (i.e. unit number).


2 things to take note of

Due to the nature of the initiative, all successful purchasers are advised to take note of 2 clauses that separate its properties from other properties in the market.

  • Firstly, the properties are subjected to a 10-year moratorium.  To put it simply, you will NOT be able to sell or transfer your PR1MA property to another party without prior approval during the said period.
  • Secondly, the property must be owner occupied. If you own one, you have to stay in it, without exception. So, forget about earning some extra cash by renting it out.


Here’s a recap on the PR1MA programme.

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