PLUS Highway Offers 30% CNY Toll Rebate For Motorists



Plus Malaysia Berhad (PLUS) is offering up to 30% toll rebate for Class 1 vehicle users on the expressway in conjunction with Chinese New Year.

Motorists will get a 20% rebate for journeys on February 17, 18, 21 and 22 involving Class 1 vehicle users who comply with the Travel Time Advisory (TTA) issued by PLUS.

PLUS is also giving a 30% CNY toll rebate for Class 1 vehicle users on non-peak days on February 16 and 23.

“PLUS finds high adherence to TTA can ease congestion on the main route of the expressway, rest areas and toll plazas,” PLUS managing director Noorizah Abdul Hamid told a media conference early this week.

For more information, you can refer to the TTA schedule via Twitter and download the schedule via the plus mobile application.


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