PLUS: 20% Toll Rebate On Electronic Transactions On Deepavali


Good news for PLUS highway users! PLUS will be giving away 20% toll rebate for drivers who pay their toll electronically on Deepavali on the North-South Expressway (NSE), Butterworth-Kulim Expressway (BKE), North-South Expresswary Central Link (Elite) and the Malaysia-Singapore Second Crossing.

This rebate on Deepavali day would be given to Class 1 users (light vehicles with 2 axles and 3 or 4 wheels except taxi) paying toll electronically via PLUSMiles cards, Touch ‘n Go cards or SmartTAGs, said Mohammad Fuad Khusairi, chief operating officer of PLUS Malaysia Bhd.

The full amount would still be charged on November 10, for motorists who pay toll electronically. The 20% toll rebate can be redeemed in the form of credit when they reload their electronic cards at any PLUS customer service centres between December 15 and March 14, Fuad explained.

The toll rebate is not only in conjunction with the Deepavali celebration but is also part of an effort to encourage the public to use the electronic cashless system when paying their tolls, which is easier and faster.

“The toll rebate can be enjoyed the whole day and is not restricted to a particular time frame,” Fuad added.

However, motorists will not get the rebate at these toll plazas – Tanjung Kupang, Bukit Kayu Hitam, Bangunan Sultan Iskandar and Penang Bridge.

Based on its studies on travelling patterns during previous festive seasons, PLUS expects the traffic on the NSE to increase by 8% to 1.4 million vehicles daily between November 6 and 15 as compared to 1.3 million on normal days.


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