Neta V Priced Under RM80,000? Distributor Will Announce Official Price Next Month

Neta V Priced Under RM80,000? Distributor Will Announce Official Price Next Month

Neta V, the China-brand electric vehicle (EVs), was recently made viral in Malaysia ahead of its launch due to its pricing.

A post on the Facebook group Malaysian Electric Vehicle Owners Club (MyEVOC) showed that the Neta V would be priced at RM79,000, making it the cheapest EV available in Malaysia.

It seems as if that wasn’t true as the sole distributor of Neta V in Malaysia, Intro Synergy Sdn. Bhd has released a statement on the Neta V official Facebook page denying the displayed price.

In the statement as well, Intro Synergy has clarified that the official pricing of Neta V will be announced next month during its launch ceremony.

“We are aware of a viral issue related to the price of Neta V at a shopping center recently.

We would like to deny the displayed price and would like to clarify that the price of Neta V will only be officially announced during the launch ceremony scheduled for next month. We will comply with all the policies that have been set. What is certain is that we will announce the price of Neta V along with attractive package offers to all customers. We sincerely apologise to all stakeholders for any inconvenience caused.”

If you’re hoping for Neta V to be priced below RM100,000, you’ll have to wait until the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry (MITI) decides to remove the conditions for Franchise Approve Permits (Franchise APs) that restrict the imports of battery EVs (BEVs) priced below RM100,000.

Meanwhile, there is now quite a number of EVs priced under RM250,000 in Malaysia. They include:
Nissan Leaf
Renault Zoe
MINI Cooper SE 3 Door
Ora Good Cat
Neta V
BYD Atto 3
Hyundai Kona Electric
Hyundai IONIQ 5
Tesla Model Y

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