MIMOS Launches MYDigital ID, Public Can Register By July 2024

MIMOS Launches MYDigital ID, Public Can Register By July 2024

Mimos Bhd (Mimos) has announced that it will soon release several explainers and FAQs regarding the use of the recently launched National Digital Identity.

This programme is called MyDigital ID. It aims to help address certain security concerns that have been raised over the application.

What is MyDigital ID?

For those who don’t know, the MyDigital ID is a national identity management and transaction signing platform. It is designed to address the weaknesses of current channels. The vulnerabilities of its contemporary implementation include insecure communication channels and storage of user credentials.

In practice, the MyDigital ID is intended to be a form of digital self-identification and authentication for individuals for use by both the public and private sectors.  The main purpose is to verify user identities during online transactions. It is not intended to replace the MyKad system entirely.

Does MyDigital ID store my personal data?

However, there have been growing concerns over the potential of data leaks. Questions have been raised about the system coming under attack by malicious actors. Cybersecurity experts have expressed the need for MIMOS to continue enhancing its security features to ensure that Malaysians’ data does not fall into the hands of criminals.

If the system remains vulnerable, Malaysians would be at risk of identity theft, which could in turn lead to even more serious criminal activity and security breaches. In a statement shared on their social channel, MIMOS clarified that the system does not store the user’s sensitive personal data.


“With MyDigital ID, users can rest assured that their data is kept safe and secure. It DOES NOT store biometric data such as fingerprints, iris/eyes, and facial recognition, collect data and monitor users online, disclose personal data openly, or store the user’s personal database.

“By utilising this innovative technology, the government is taking a proactive step to ensure the safety and security of its citizens online,” the statement highlighted on the safety of the site.

When can the public sign up for MyDigital ID?

According to MIMOS, the programme will be rolled out in four phases. The first phase involves Cabinet members, followed by civil servants then subsidies receivers. The last stage will be when it is open to the general public.

“We’re excited to be starting the first phase of our deployment, which will involve registering government servants. We look forward to expanding our services to the general public in July 2024 – so stay tuned!” MIMOS shared in social post yesterday.

For more information on the MyDigital ID system, you can view this FAQ.

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