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Technology has played an immense role in society and helped us increase our productivity in various facets of our lives. In fact, most people argued that technology has kept the world afloat and in some standards has defined a nation, a country and even a person. Therefore, it is not surprising that finance leverages on the use of technology to make managing it easier and more systematic.

From personal finance to the stock market, here are some apps for your smartphone, recommended by iMoney, to manage your finances or more!

Toshl Finance (Free)

This is one of the coolest personal finance apps in the market. Toshl Finance helps you monitor your money by recording your spending and savings over the course of a month or even a year. One of the things we like about Toshl Finance is that it gives you the liberty to use tags to name your expenses. You can put ‘food’, ‘transportation’ or even a custom tag such as ‘nasi lemak’ – you are only limited by your imagination. As an added feature, it can also consolidate the expenses of two people, which is perfect for parents monitoring the family’s finances (And a plus, the app’s icon character looks like a minion).

Manilla (Free)

Finding it hard managing your bills? Keep missing your electricity, mobile, TV, and more importantly, credit card bill payment due date? Worry no more! Manilla functions like an alarm clock to remind you of the due dates of all your bills, allowing you to manage your time and finances. Plus, you will also be able to track non-expiring rewards that you earned with your credit cards.

Saved (Free)

saved logo

Similar to Toshl Finance, Saved is an app that helps users budget and track their expenses. It is simple and easy to use, perfect for people who need help visualising their budget in order to cut their daily, weekly and monthly spending.

The best thing about this app is, by entering a monthly budget that you allocate for yourself, you will be able to see how much you can spend a day. This will help you better to plan your expenditure.

With its multi-currency support, you can even use Saved when you travel abroad – making it simple to stay within your budget even when you are spending in a different currency. Perfect for those who are bad at converting currency in their heads!

Savings Goals (USD0.99)

Savings Goals’ simple interface lends to its user-friendliness. If you would like to save money for a holiday, Savings Goals helps you track your performance by just inputting your target amount and target date and it will create a savings schedule and tracker. Check your progress often and be aware of your progress towards that goal. It comes with a very small price tag of USD 0.99 — which is a small price to pay for achieving your financial goals!

Bloomberg (Free)

Is there a need to say more? Bloomberg is the biggest news portal when it comes to what’s happening in the world of finance. If you are more of the hard core finance news type of guy or gal, you may want to have this app installed in your smartphone. And more appropriately, if you’re on the ‘boss‘ trading level. The Bloomberg app gives users up-to-date news and provides insights on the market trends of all known exchanges. Worth downloading, we say.

A+ Allowance (Free)

Teaching your kids about money can be stressful since they can’t truly appreciate the value of money at such an early age. But with the right guidance using the A+ Allowance app, you can set-up a reward system for your child for every chore that he or she successfully completes. This app also allocates the money earned every week into amounts your child should save, give, invest and spend in a 10%/10%/10%/7% ratio. How cool is that?

In this information age that we live in, using pen and paper to manage your finances is a thing of the past. The features listed above are only a few that we recommend using but the list is of course, non-exhaustive. At the end of the day, it is up to you as a user to manage your finances in whatever manner that you fancy.

Saving Made Simple (Free)

Saving Made Simple

Are you a forgetful person? How many times have you incurred late payment charges due to missed payment deadlines? Saving Made Simple, is an app that is created to solve address this problem. Other than the usual budgeting functions, this little app is able to help you keep track of upcoming bill deadlines and expenses.

This free app automatically prioritises your budgets and goals, suggests routine payments to meet your savings targets, tracks your savings progress and reminds you of upcoming due dates! Could you ask for more?

With the Information Age boom, pens and papers in managing your finances is a thing of the past, if not obsolete. The things listed above are only a few that we recommend using but the list is of course, non-exhaustive. At the end of the day, it is up to you as users to manage your finances in whatever discipline they fancy.


This article has been brought to you by Silvestre M. Silvestre, Country Manager – iMoney Philippines

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