Luno Celebrates 10 Years In Crypto With Over 840K Malaysian Users

Luno Celebrates 10 Years In Crypto With Over 840K Malaysian Users

Luno recently celebrated its 10th anniversary as the leading regulated digital asset exchange (DAX) and its 4th year in Malaysian markets. Some of those key achievements include over 12 million global customers and over 840,000 users in Malaysia.

“In Malaysia, we have made significant strides in the market since re-launching in 2019. We have processed more than 73 million transactions in BTC (Bitcoin), which makes up for around 18% of total transactions processed globally in the past decade – this makes Malaysia one of our fastest-growing markets, and we’re definitely excited for what’s to come over the next 10 years,” stated Aaron Tang, General Manager at Luno APAC.

The panellists discussing Luno’s role in Malaysia at Luno’s 10th Anniversary event.

Scarlett Chai, Country Manager at Luno Malaysia also highlighted the significant milestones achieved in the decade, including the addition of numerous digital assets to the Malaysian platform.

“We’re proud to be the largest and most trusted DAX in Malaysia, and will continue supporting all Malaysians throughout their crypto investment journey,” she added.

Local investors more cautious, think long term

She also pointed out the unique investment climate for crypto operators locally as Malaysian investors are generally more cautious. However, she also highlighted the advantage of having more investors who think long term when it comes to this digital asset class.

The event also featured a panel discussion with key figures within the fintech industry and cryptocurrency landscape in Malaysia such as Scarlett Chai, Country Manager at Luno Malaysia; Chan Zhong Yang, Head of Research at CoinGecko; and Liew Ooi Hahn, Director at Jirnexu.

Michelle Chin, Founder of Her Duit, moderated the discussion which highlighted topics such as the importance of regulations, stakeholders and consumer confidence, as well as the conversation surrounding AI integration within the blockchain and how it can disrupt existing industry sectors.

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