Do This One Last Thing Before The Year-End Spending Spree!

Do This One Last Thing Before The Year-End Spending Spree!

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The year-end festive season is fast approaching once more. This means a ton of celebration, merry-making, and of course, plenty of shopping and travelling too.

But before you embark on your holiday spending spree, do make sure that you prepare some savings for your future self. Remember that investments, for the most part, are marathons rather than sprints, so just take a moment to put aside a small sum to save and invest.

What can these small savings do?

By committing some money into investment over time, these little savings have the potential to grow into a healthy sum to support you in the future. Here are three good reasons to start now.

  1. Boost your earning potential

For example, if you saved RM2,000 and invested that amount now and continue to add a yearly contribution of RM1,200 (average RM100 per month), you could potentially end up with RM19,398.65 within a decade (assuming an average return rate of 6%)!

By just putting aside some extra cash you open up more possibilities to grow your wealth. So, start saving and investing to get a chance at better returns! 

  1. Take advantage of compounding returns

Investing early also lets you take advantage of compounding returns. When you first start investing, you will likely not see huge returns. 

However, by reinvesting your earnings, compounding occurs, resulting in the generation of additional earnings over time. Here is a simple example of how compounding works:

YearValue at the start of the yearInterest earned
(at 6% interest p.a.)
Value at the end of the year

  Source: The Calculator Site

It is a slow process to begin with, but if you take advantage of compounding, chances are you can notice an upwards trend in terms of wealth growth. This happens when the compounded earnings start to earn returns as well over time. If you continue to contribute to your investment portfolio annually, the compounding effect becomes even greater!

  1. Investing to outpace inflation

This is especially important as such investments will help you to potentially expand your wealth and even outpace the ever-present dangers of inflation. 

According to Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), the underlying inflation rate is projected to average closer to the upper end of the 2.0% – 3.0% by the end of 2022. Depending on which bank you invest with and the length of term, the average rate for fixed deposits can vary anywhere between 2.00% – 3.5% per annum. Clearly, just saving your money may not be enough to keep up with inflation.

Considering the current state of the global and local economic climate, it is a good idea to start investing immediately to prepare yourself for the unexpected. After all, no one knows what the future holds.

Diversify your investments with unit trusts

You can start investing in unit trusts which not only diversifies your investment but exposes you to top global companies and even more opportunities

Unit trusts are a great form of investment if you are looking for a slightly more hands-of approach. You and other investors will invest a certain amount of money in a mutual fund; a pool of money collected from a number of investors to be invested in securities like stocks, bonds and other assets, that is managed by a fund manager. The fund manager will work to achieve the goals of the fund, based on the guidelines set out when the fund was created.

Upon achievement of the goals, the profits can be distributed among investors, providing a regular income in the form of interest or dividends, which can be reinvested into the fund to take advantage of compounding.

Over time, your current income may have the potential to appreciate, which can serve as a buffer against any unforeseen problems within the market and economy. It is worthwhile to consider investing into funds that can provide such income distribution so that you may preserve your wealth.

Check out these income-based funds from Principal Malaysia. Principal Malaysia is part of the Principal Financial Group, a global investment and retirement leader with more than 142 years of expertise and experience in helping over 51 million customers* plan, protect and invest for their futures.

*As of 31 December 2021

FundsRiskDistribution FrequencyCash/EPF Savings3-year Annualised Returns (%)5-year Annualised Returns (%)
Principal Islamic Asia Pacific Dynamic Equity FundAggressiveAlmost yearlyCash/EPF savings7.51%4.99%
Principal Asia Pacific Dynamic Mixed Asset FundMildly conservativeTwice a yearCash/EPF savings5.76%4.27%
Principal Asia Pacific Dynamic Income FundMildly conservativeQuarterlyCash/EPF savings4.87%4.83%
Principal Lifetime Bond FundMildly conservativeQuarterlyCash/EPF savings2.46%3.67%
Principal Islamic Lifetime Sukuk FundMildly conservativeQuarterlyCash/EPF savings2.55%3.77%

Source: Lipper as of 30 June 2022.  Past performance is not an indication of future performance. 

Start investing with Principal Malaysia and earn rewards!

Just invest a minimum of RM1,000 using EPF savings or RM500 using cash and you will be able to invest directly in foreign-listed stocks!

From now to 12.12.2022, Principal Malaysia will be running its Year End Giveaway campaign. Those who invest with the code: “YearEndGiveaways”, will earn a reward of 1.11% p.a. of the investment amount for 3 months when investing a minimum of RM1,000 and stand a chance to win a hotel stay and other attractive prizes. A new investor will get an additional RM50 welcome reward.

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