How-to: Get A Good Deal When Buying A New Car

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In 1994, the then Transport Minister, Datuk Seri Dr Ling Liong Sik said in a report by the New Straits Times that traffic congestion in the Klang Valley was expected to gobble up some RM3.6 billion in lost productivity and fuel wastage in that year alone.

More than 10 years later, the situation hasn’t gotten any better even with improved public transport infrastructure in place like the LRT, Monorail and KTM. The time spent stuck in traffic congestion is estimated to cost 1.1% to 2.2% of the gross domestic product (GDP) in 2014, or RM12.7 to 24.7 billion in losses (including delay costs, fuel wasted and economic cost of emissions)! That’s 5 times more than what Ling estimated in 1994!

According to the World Bank’s 12th Malaysia Economic Monitor: Transforming Urban Transport report released earlier this year, residents in the Greater Kuala Lumpur spend an insane 250 million hours a year stuck in traffic and travel 29 km/h slower on average during morning peak hours.

The transportation problem faced by the urbanites won’t be solved overnight, even with MRT projects expected to be completed by next year. In short, we won’t be dumping our cars for public transportation for good anytime soon.

According to Jalopnik’s viral article in 2013, Malaysia was voted the second more expensive country to buy a car, and it is not surprising with the dizzying excise duties imposed on non-local cars.

Since Malaysians spend 250 million hours a year in car, it makes sense to get one that will make your life easier. However, balancing comfort and cost can be a problem in this country with the way car prices are but here’s a way you can pamper yourself with a brand new ride, without breaking your bank!

Saving on a new ride

If you feel demotivated and exhausted from your daily commute to work, we’ve found a way you can save over RM40,000 (up to RM46,100 to be exact) and still get a cool car to zip around town.

With various promotions and discounts available for new car buyers, it’s hard to know if you’re REALLY getting a good deal when you are buying a new car. The best way to find out if you are is to find out how much you can save in total over the course of your vehicle ownership.

Volkswagen Malaysia is currently offering 10% down payment top up and a 12-month free instalment for all Volkswagen buyers* – for a limited time only.

What this means is, Volkswagen will pay an additional 10% to match your 10% down payment. The additional 10% from Volkswagen can be used to top up your down payment, making your car loan amount much lower, or can be used as cash rebate that goes straight to your pocket! This helps to reduce the overall cost of ownership by quite a sum since reducing your down payment affects your total interest payments by a fair margin. Even if you took the cash, investing it would help subsidise your monthly instalments!

Here’s how much you can save for each Volkswagen model:

volkswagen promotion

Why is this a good deal?

Affordability can be subjective. A good discount may not be worth your money if the product isn’t great. So how about we compare it to a vehicle in a similar range?

We’ll do just that for you so you’ll know if what you are getting is a steal – or not!

volkswagen promovolkswagen promo


Compared to another car in the D-segment, at the same price range, the Volkswagen Passat saves you RM40,500 up front (before all the fees)! Buying a Peugeot 508 THP, you will need to fork out about RM22,520 in cash to cover your down payment of 10%, insurance, road tax and registration fee, whereas buying a Volkswagen Passat, you will pocket about RM11,000 from the rebate, after deducting all the fees!

If that isn’t a good deal, we don’t know what is!

Book an appointment for a test drive now before promotion ends! Click here to book.

* The promotion is only applicable for Polo Sedan, Jetta, Passat, Tiguan 1.4, Volkswagen CC, Volkswagen CC Sport and Polo 1.6. The 12-month free instalment is not applicable for Volkswagen Polo 1.6.

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