8 Houses Around The World You Could Buy With RM1 Million

#5: Phuket, Thailand

Clear beaches and great food isn’t all that Thailand has to offer. In Phuket, you could also buy yourself an ocean-facing, 1,722 square feet, two-bedroom apartment in the Ao Po gated community for RM957,405 (US$291,803).

The community also offers parking and an infinity pool for residences and is approximately 20 minutes away from Phuket International Airport.


#6: Panama City, Panama

Who wouldn’t want to live in the beautiful Panama City? With RM1 million, your dream may just come true!


#7: Fabregues, France

Armed with RM1 million in the romantic country of France, you can expect to acquire a two-bedroom apartment in Fabregues – more specifically at Village Center Le Domaine Du Golf with spare change for some wine and champagne!


#8: Recoleta, Buenos Aires City, Argentina

An apartment in this price range should include a separate dining area, living room and balcony. Recoleta is also a place with many cultural hotspots and popular attractions including home to the Buenos Aires Phiharmonic Orchestra, Teatro Colon and the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes.


Gleaning from the list above, it would appear that with RM1 million one can rest assured that finding a comfortable, if not luxurious home would not be a problem in at least these eight countries.

Where would you buy a house in, if you had RM1 million?

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