Hong Leong Bank’s e-Duit Desa To Help Local SMEs Accept Cashless Payments

Hong Leong Bank e-Duit Desa

Hong Leong Bank (HLB) has committed itself to driving investment, promoting digitalisation, and championing financial inclusion, and plans to do good by these goals by launching the Program e-Duit Desa. The launch was in Bagan Nakhoda Omar, Sabak Bernam, Selangor (BNO).

The programme aims to help equip local residents and businesses with access to e-payment services as well as advisory and other financial solutions. This is in line with Bank Negara Malaysia’s objective of accelerating the uptake of cashless transactions, leading to increased financial inclusivity among the public.

Through the integration of a cashless ecosystem in BNO, the Bank seeks to further empower communities to adapt to rapid digitalisation and urbanisation in the country, and help local businesses expand by offering a safe, secure, and convenient way of receiving financial transactions.

Andrew Jong, Managing Director of Personal Financial Services at HLB said the program was a reflection of the Bank’s dedication to go to great lengths in championing financial inclusion and uplifting communities, in line with the Bank’s brand promise of being “Built Around You”.

“Bagan Nakhoda Omar is the northernmost and westernmost point of Selangor, and forms an important part of the consumer value chain. This is a testament to our commitment to serving and investing in our communities, especially entrepreneurs and SME businesses who serve as the backbone of our economy. By introducing digital payment tools to the community, we hope to empower local businesses to expand their income streams and cater to more customers quickly and efficiently,” he said.

“As an entrepreneurial bank that is Digital At The Core, we look to implement a digital-centric mindset in the way we give back to the community. Since launching our cashless transformation initiatives in Penang before the pandemic and our flagship HLB @ Kampung program in Sekinchan, we are always looking for new ways to uplift local communities and businesses via digital means, and hopefully becoming a catalyst for future widespread growth. Looking ahead, we hope to continue this digital transformation in more towns around Malaysia, with plans to enable cashless ecosystems in Pasar Tamu Donggongon di Sabah, and the Kinta and Manjung districts in Perak,” he added.

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