More Saving Features Added To Grab App


Grab Malaysia has recently announced the #SavewithGrab campaign in an effort to increase affordability for all Malaysians. As part of the campaign, Grab has unveiled a suite of new features, including a Stamp Card loyalty programme and long-term GrabUnlimited Subscription Plans.

According to Grab, 9 in 10 Malaysians are worried about the cost of living, with groceries and food prices causing the most concern.


As such, the #SavewithGrab campaign was devised to offer consumers options at lower price points and more opportunities to save money.

“Our goal is to serve all Malaysians, no matter where they are, in every way we can. Leveraging our technology and scale, these additions to our platform help to keep us relevant in the current economic climate.

Being even more affordable incentivises consumers to keep coming back and enables us to reach and serve a wider range of consumers than before,” said Hassan Alsagoff, Head of Marketing, Grab Malaysia.

New money saving features

Here are some of the money saving features that are available with the Grab app:

Delivery saver option
GrabFood’s delivery option that enables consumers to enjoy lower delivery fees if they can wait slightly longer for their meals. This option is now available 24/7 nationwide from all restaurants.

Group orders
Grab is revamping the Group Order feature, making it more convenient to use. Individuals can join group orders via QR code, set order deadlines, get shared tracking, and will soon be able to utilise a smart bill calculator to accurately determine how much is owed to the host.

Grab dine-in
GrabFood’s Dine-In feature will show users nearby restaurants, along with their reviews and available deals. Users can also book rides to their chosen restaurants.

Stamp card rewards
From November 2023 onwards, select partners will participate in Grab’s stamp card loyalty programe. This offers customers more incentive to continue their patronage with Grab in exchange for enticing prizes.

New GrabUnlimited subscription plans
GrabUnlimited subscriptions will now be available in long-term (monthly) plans, giving consumers the ability to save on subscription fees with longer subscription options.

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