Grab Aims To Set The Gig Economy Standard

Grab Aims To Set The Gig Economy Standard

Grab Malaysia recently held a dialogue with Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim on the topic of the future of the gig economy. The Transport Ministry (MOT) said that the Prime Minister had asked for the meeting after meeting food and parcel delivery (p-hailing) riders on 22 July to understand the challenges they face. The Prime Minister had promised to organise a meeting with p-hailing companies in order to seek better commission rates for the riders, which are reportedly too low.

During this dialogue, Grab Malaysia reaffirmed its commitment to work alongside the government to set priorities and improve on the quality and protection for the company’s partners. This is an extension of Grab’s efforts to provide a working environment that offers flexibility, financial security, protection and professional development.

In order to achieve its goals, Grab says that it provides flexible work opportunities for a diverse group of driver- and delivery-partners who collaborate with Grab to access earning opportunities. As the company said in a statement to the media, its partners have the flexibility to move between platforms or start and stop work anytime, may take on multiple earning opportunities, and determine their own work patterns and hours. In recognition of this, Grab Malaysia affirms that it will continue to strive for fairness and transparency in its partners’ earnings. 

In addition to providing more flexible opportunities, Grab Malaysia has also invested a great deal in its partners’ welfare and regulatory costs. This includes free insurance coverage, enabling contribution to SOCSO and EPF, upskilling and professional development opportunities, safety initiatives, as well as day-to-day benefits such as fuel and other discounts.

The key operating model of Grab Malaysia is to offer appropriate protection while still recognising its partners’ status as self-employed workers. To stay consistent with these values, Grab will work with the government to improve on social protection and ensure provision of upskilling opportunities for our partners, equipping them with the skills needed to thrive in an evolving gig economy.

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