Don’t Miss This Launch Of FSMOne USD Auto-Sweep Cash Management Solution

Don’t Miss This Launch Of FSMOne USD Auto-Sweep Cash Management Solution

FSMOne Malaysia, a leading platform for one-stop investment solutions, has just unveiled its new FSMOne USD Auto-Sweep cash management solution, which was launched on 18 April 2024. This cash management platform is designed to help customers revolutionise the way they manage their USD cash.

The best part is you get the opportunity to earn attractive yields on your idle or excess cash. At the same time, you get the convenience to use it as a payment method for purchasing a wide array of investment products available on the platform.

Unique solution for enhanced cash management

The FSMOne USD Auto-Sweep serves as an alternative to the traditional FSMOne Multi-Currency Cash Account. Investors have a chance of obtaining potentially higher yields to make the most out of their excess or idle cash.

Investor funds will be actively managed by the iFAST Team. It has a proven track record of successful fund management in Singapore and Hong Kong. This discretionary portfolio is invested across a whole range of high-quality and low-risk financial products. These include, but are not limited to short-duration bonds, deposits, and debt securities, aiming to maximise returns for investors.

FSMOne USD Auto-Sweep key features

The FSMOne USD Auto-Sweep introduces several distinctive features designed to enhance investors’ cash management and investment experience. These include:

  • Attractive yields, with a current net yield of 4.523%* per annum as of 15 April 2024
  • Prioritises high-quality investments, focusing on high-quality debt instruments to ensure low risk
  • Immediate liquidity, enabling same-day withdrawals before 10am on a business day without any lock-in period
  • Low point of entry where investors can begin with as little as MYR 100 or USD 10
  • Automatic reinvestment of stocks and ETFs dividends, coupon payments, and bond maturity proceeds in USD, which are reinvested to maximise yields,

Broadening investment horizons

“FSMOne is committed to offering innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of our investors. The FSMOne USD Auto-Sweep is a testament to this commitment, providing a versatile and profitable way to manage USD cash,” said Koh Soo Cheng, General Manager, FSMOne Malaysia.

This innovative cash management platform is a cutting-edge solution that is suited for a wide variety of investors. It is particularly suited for those with a lot of idle cash or those who engage in trading on overseas markets. Interested? Use this link to sign up for FSMOne USD Auto-Sweep now.

With its introduction, FSMOne continues to solidify its reputation as a leader in investment innovation, offering solutions that are tailored to meet the diverse needs of the investment community.

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