Apple To Launch First Official Store In Malaysia

Apple To Launch First Official Store In Malaysia

Apple fans rejoice! The tech giant has officially announced the opening of their first official store in Malaysia on 22 June at the TRX Exchange Mall.

This Apple store will be the sixth in the region, with three being in Singapore and two located in Thailand. 

For those who are not so tech savvy, you will probably be wondering what the difference is between the official Apple store and the licensed premium resellers that we already have, such as Machines and Switch. While the products and prices are the same, the concept and customer experience will be different.

Firstly, official Apple stores tend to be much larger than premium resellers, offering more Apple specific products for customers to sample. There are also a number of sections and activities available that are not offered by resellers. 

These include activities like “Today at Apple”, which is a free learning session normally led by Apple experts called Creatives, covering a wide range of topics such as photography, art and design, coding, video, music, accessibility, business, and education.

The famous Apple Genius Bar will also make an appearance at the new Apple store, offering customers expert, on-demand service and support on everything from setting up their device to recovering their Apple ID to replacing a screen.

The Apple store will also be offering live one-to-one sessions that assist you in getting your new devices set up and ready to use. They can also run customers through all the features and perks of your Apple device so that customers can make the most out of their Apple products.

Overall, visitors to the new Apple store can expect a highly focused and personalised experience when it comes to all things Apple.

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