Is Domestic Travel Insurance A Must?

travel insurance

Travelling is a unique experience. Not only is it an amazing way to spend your vacation, it exposes you to a myriad of different sights, cultures, and values, thus enriching your life.

It is no wonder that travelling is among the most popular things to do when people go on extended breaks. 

When travelling overseas, many view travel insurance as a must. However, domestic travel insurance tends to get neglected, even though it really shouldn’t be.

Why domestic travel insurance is necessary

Domestic policies cover a whole range of issues such as medical emergencies, accidents, route issues, flight delays, damage, cancellations, luggage loss, etc. Basically, if there are any unforeseen circumstances that result in a loss for the policyholder, the policy will cover for it.

In other words, the purpose of such travel insurance is to cover the specific needs of travellers during unforeseeable situations. 

Since you are not really leaving your country, you might get the feeling that you are still close to home, and thus not really need such insurance.

But, trouble can happen anywhere, at any time. Even if you are not far from home, your chances of getting into an accident or a spot of trouble is the same anywhere you go.

When travelling, be it international or domestic, you really want to only fill your head with positive experiences. As such, having the right travel insurance can give you peace of mind, ensuring that your health and belongings are all covered in case anything goes wrong.

What are some of the benefits of domestic insurance?

Depending on the policy you choose, coverage offered may differ. But in general, a domestic travel insurance policy may include the following:

  • Travellers may be reimbursed for medical expenses incurred in-country.
  • In the event of an accident, you will receive financial coverage up to a certain amount.
  • There will be a refund in the event of any delays or cancellations.
  • You will receive emergency cash if you run out.
  • In an unfamiliar environment where every aspect looks uncertain, 24/7 emergency assistance will be available to you.

Medical or accident coverage

As mentioned previously, domestic travel insurance provides coverage for accidents and other health issues as well.

This is arguably the most important feature of domestic travel insurance. It is especially useful for those who either do not have an existing health insurance plan, or have a limited range of their medical insurance.

Travel cancelations and delays

Travel delays and cancellations are a lot more common than you think. A lot goes on in the airport and the skies above. Even transport hubs and bus terminals are not exempted. There could be massive traffic keeping buses from arriving on time, or cargo loading issues with trains.

You will eventually face issues regarding travel sooner or later. The real problem comes with the expenses incurred if you miss your flight or ride or when you are forced to seek alternative methods of transport to stay on schedule.

You can get compensation for the delays or cancellations by purchasing domestic travel insurance, saving you some cash and a huge headache.

Loss of baggage

Despite the unbelievable efficiency of most airports and transport hubs, some luggage will inevitably get lost. Travel insurance can be an option if you are concerned that your baggage could be lost while in transit; particularly if you’re travelling with expensive equipment or belongings.

Most airlines tend to have a lost luggage compensation policy, but may not always cover the total cost of your lost belongings. Travel insurance on the other hand tends to cover a higher range of costs. 

Personal liability

This is a relatively new addition to travel insurance. Under this benefit, any third party’s property and belongings are covered against accidental damage.

This is a rather unique service to ensure that if you, or those accompanying you accidentally damage items belonging to someone else during your trip, said damages will be covered by the insurance policy.

This is particularly handy to have if you are travelling with very young children, as children are naturally curious and may damage somebody else’s property in their misadventures.

So is it truly worth it?

While the decision ultimately rests with you, getting domestic travel insurance can be worth the cost and effort. While it might be a no-brainer for international travel due to the cost of the trip and distance from home, unexpected costs and issues that arise from medical emergencies, accidents, trip cancellations, and lost baggage can also cause frustration during domestic travel.

While domestic travel insurance is by no means mandatory, it can offer you security and assuredness in all situations while travelling away from home. In addition, your trip will be much smoother and safer with domestic travel insurance. 

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