Combat petrol price hike with these credit cards

petrol credit card

Since the announced fuel price hike in early September 2013, Malaysians in general are now bracing ourselves for price increase in many other essential items such as food and groceries. If you haven’t already done so, it may be time to start consciously treating your credit cards as a means to save money instead of as just a payment vehicle.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the credit cards you may wish to consider to combat the chain reaction that could result from the fuel price hike very soon.

1) Petrol credit card

As the name implies, petrol credit cards are credit cards with fuel-related privileges, which may be in the forms of discounts, rebates and points. These credit cards offer you the most straightforward means of resisting the impact from the fuel price hike, namely: by reducing the amount of money you pay for fuel.

Some Petrol Credit Cards You Can Consider:

* These are technically not petrol credit cards as they are not co-branded with any petrol service providers. However, they remain excellent options as they offer exceptional cash rebates on fuel.

At current, there are more than a dozen other petrol credit cards each with different benefits and privileges. If you’re serious about getting a petrol credit card, it might be worth your while to check out this petrol credit card comparison table.

2) Cashback Credit Card

Cashback credit cards are credit cards that give you rebates in cold hard cash every time you spend at a designated outlet. Cashback credit cards are excellent means to help you save money on food and groceries. Some cashback credit cards also offer rebates on fuel in addition to daily merchandizes.

Some Cashback Credit Cards You Can Consider:

The best way to save money using Cashback Credit Cards is to use one that offers rebates at the places you frequent the most. To check out what your options are, go to our cashback credit card comparison table.

A tip to iMoney readers: always make sure you understand all the terms and conditions, such as the fees and charges, before you sign up for a credit card.

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