Who’s Lucky And Who’s Not This Year Of The Metal Rat

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The Chinese lunar calendar will begin a new cycle on January 25, 2020, welcoming the start of the Chinese New Year of the Metal Rat.

As the first animal on the 12 Chinese zodiac animals, the rat brings plenty of new opportunities as well as challenges.

Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics founder Datuk Joey Yap describes that this year will mean different things to different people, depending on your animal zodiac.

Do you have Earth, Metal and Water elements in your personal chart? According to Yap, these are the predominant elements for the coming year and having any of these elements in your chart is a good sign but if you have none of these elements, don’t give up hope just yet!

As there are literally millions of variations to each person’s Chinese astrology chart, Yap pointed out some key highlights that can apply to everyone at the Joey Yap’s Feng Shui & Astrology Seminar 2020 held last weekend.

Joey Yap

“Be courageous to take the right move and embrace the challenges in the right way to give one more option to solve their problems.”- Joey Yap

Yap addressed an audience of 12,000 packed into the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre in Kuala Lumpur ahead of the coming Chinese New Year celebrations on February 21, 2021.


Best to be prepared for a volatile year ahead

While Earth is the dominant element in 2020, the secondary Metal element implies it’s buried underneath with the potential to explode outward. Yap added that when applying this energy into the current economic situation, this could mean slower growth.

With financial market likely to experience volatile conditions, Yap said it was best for everyone to get prepared by having at least six months of cash reserve, clear debts or only keep good debt (like housing loans) while strengthening your career network.

But in times of chaos, there are also opportunities if you are well-prepared. Here are 12 animals’ Chinese horoscope forecast provided by Yap in his Thriver’s Guide 2020 which readers can download for free at www.joeyyap.com/2020.


cny zodiac

General: The spotlight will be on you so take the opportunity to make that move towards your goals or ambition in 2020. “Success can be yours if you are willing to take the responsibilities that come with it,” Yap noted.

Wealth: Monetary reward is on the horizon but be careful not to overspend. “Creating a budget plan and adhering rigidly to it will keep the Rat’s wallet comfortably plump in the year ahead,” Yap advised.

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This is the year to make a move towards your financial goals. Get started on your financial education and begin making all the right financial moves this year.


General: Focus on making things happen and don’t be afraid to aim high as you will find plenty of support and help from others this year. “Make sure you regulate your emotions well so that you would be able to make full use of your opportunities,” Yap added.

Wealth: Be on the lookout for opportunities to grow your wealth beyond your day job but take note of this advice from Yap. “The Ox may enjoy prosperity this year but remember to rest to keep burnout and stress at bay!”

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If you haven’t made the move yet, consider getting started on your investment journey and be open to other income-generating opportunities that come your way.


General: This will be a challenging year so be grateful for opportunities and help that come your way while paying extra attention to your health. Yap observed that those with this animal sign should “adopt an open mindset and say “yes” to the prospect of travelling as this would lead you to personal growth in terms of knowledge and wealth”.

Wealth: Travelling is linked to your wealth opportunities this year but keep an eye on your spending. “Minimising financial damage is all about being prudent and keeping close tabs on your cash outflow,” Yap cautioned.

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With travel on the cards this year, it’s important to have a budgeting plan and be on the lookout for financial mistakes by doing your homework first. Although travel may lead to wealth opportunities, it still makes sense to take the steps to trim your travel expenses with the right travel deals and travel credit cards.


General: You have the best stars watching your back this year so starting your dream business no longer needs to be just a dream. However, Yap pointed out that those born under this animal sign should “be extra careful with details especially when things get moving too fast”.

Wealth: Wealth luck is already in your corner, but you still need to give it a little boost by working hard and being diligent. Yap observed that “real estate investment should also be considered this year, although it’s best to be conservative and select low-risk investments”.

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If starting a business is on the cards, do your homework properly so that you don’t miss out the details. This might also be a good time to relook at your investment portfolios with favourable conditions on your side.


General: While there are opportunities to increase wealth this year with no shortage of new ideas and inspirations, patience is necessary. “Being impatient or rushing things would simply lead you to ruin instead,” Yap highlighted that a long-awaited promotion or next level of your business is within reach.

Wealth: You should acknowledge that others might be better in terms of financial management and seek them out. “Expert advice will certainly help with such financial strategizing,” Yap suggested, reminding that any wealth endeavours will take time to come to fruition this year.

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Consider fixed deposits and other longer-term financial instruments that can help you save money where possible this year and avoid rushing into financial commitments. When things get complicated, it’s always best to talk to a financial planner to get fresh perspectives.


General: In comparison, 2020 will be an improvement on the year before. Yap said that those born under this animal sign should use this time to reflect, focus on overcoming problems to get the desired outcomes with the help of loved ones.

Wealth: There will be opportunities to accumulate, save and spend money but guard your assets against theft. “Opportunities to make money will appear overseas, most likely through online platforms,” Yap points out these opportunities may bring greater success.

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Getting access to overseas markets can be in the form of online trading platforms and building a portfolio that has a good balance of foreign investments.


General: This year requires you to keep a careful watch over your spending while keeping focused on your desired outcome. Staying positive is key, Yap said that “you will probably see a lot of opportunities and as a result, the possible changes that come with these opportunities”.

Wealth: More effort and diligence are required this year to take advantage of wealth opportunities. “Meticulous planning and heightened wariness will also save the Horse from a lot of financial heartache,” Yap advised to pay more attention when signing contracts and agreements this year.

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This year is all about ensuring your finances are in order and being extra careful with expenditure when it comes to making big money moves.


General: It’s an interesting year ahead with a fair share of ups and downs but it’s a good time to sort out long-standing problems. Pay attention to your instincts and trust that things will fall into place. “Even when things don’t go your way, have faith that it will turn out for the better,” Yap assured.

Wealth: The possibility of minor wealth loss can be overcome with careful financial planning while positive wealth opportunities abound. “Shift your mindset and you’ll be rewarded accordingly,” Yap suggest that the focus should be on appreciating your good fortune.

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This year is all about taking stock of your life and circumstances, so do the same for your finances by brushing up your knowledge and skills to make the best money moves for you. Start with understanding your financial standing by checking your iMoney CreditScore.


General: Nothing is permanent, including good and bad times. The same goes for what had worked in the past may no longer serve you now. Yap suggests that “this is the perfect year to consolidate and dive deeper into the problems you have been sweeping under the carpet”.

Wealth: Look for wealth opportunities through others this year and seek expert advice when it comes to investment decisions and acknowledge any help that you receive. “Don’t take their help for granted and ensure that you pay it forward by helping the less fortunate,” Yap points out that the universe will have its way of repaying your kindness.

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Take a closer look at your finances to see if there is a need for consolidation given the current economic climate and seek out good money advice from experts like financial planners or even resources such as books and online platforms whenever the opportunity arises.


General: Your goals and ambitions are within reach this year but it’s important that you don’t stray. ‘Besides effort, consistency is key,” Yap added that roosters need to really commit to their goals to accomplish them.

Wealth: You should be open to diversify your methods to attain wealth. “Don’t just stick to what you already know,” Yap suggest researching further on ways to increase your finances.

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Be open to professional help to find out more about other avenues to grow your bank balance such as unit trustsETFs or even robo-advisors.


General: This will be a year of awakening and whatever you focus your attention on can become a reality.  Even problems can lead to opportunities this year. “You are likely to see problems in a new light,” Yap said.

Wealth: There is a real possibility of monetary loss this year. Don’t rush into new investments to try to cover your losses. “Avoid high-risk investments at all costs, and focus more on simply saving money,” Yap cautioned.

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Be extra vigilant with your money moves this year. Learn how to tell if an investment is a scam and don’t fall victim to these popular money scams. This year, focus on building up your emergency savings, if you haven’t already.


cny zodiac

General: Although luck is not always on your side this year, draw on past experiences and look inward as well as outward for answers. “This will be the year for planning and learning for you,” Yap observed.

Wealth: While this may not be your year for spectacular opportunities, do make the effort to rise to the challenge. “You will see a positive shift in your wealth luck this year, as there are opportunities for some side jobs and other alternative sources of income,” Yap assured.

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Be open to side income opportunities that come your way and make every sen count by tracking your money using apps.

In short, the goat, rooster, ox and rabbit have the best stars for a stellar year while the dragon, rat, dog, snake should use this year to build connections and form friendships. As for the tiger, pig, horse and monkey, they should be prepared for a year of changes and taking action to address problems.

According to Yap, whether your animal sign has a good or bad forecast for 2020, it is up to you to shape your destiny with your actions.

Knowing your strengths and where to look for opportunities to enhance what is good while acknowledging your weaknesses and being prepared to overcome them will ensure you have the best shot at achieving prosperity and wealth this year!

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