7 Price Hikes We Can Expect In 2014

Toll fare, electricity tariff, cost of taking public transportation, and possibly further cuts in fuel subsidies; 2014 is beginning to look like a bleak financial year as we are hit with various price hikes.

DBKL Reduces Assessment Rates

If you are a homeowner in Kuala Lumpur, you can breathe a slight sigh of relief. The hike in assessment rate is still set to take effect but DBKL has announced a reduction in the quantum of increase.

2014: Bad Times Ahead?

The soaring cost of living is throwing Malaysian household budgets into chaos. Among the hardest to be hit are those from the middle-income group. This constitutes 40% of the workforce in Malaysia and is mostly made up of taxpayers who are not entitled to any financial aid from the government.

WARNING: Malaysia’s Electricity Tariff Hike Ahead

Malaysians may still be reeling from the recent increases in cost of living. However, we are in for another surprise. It has been reported that Malaysia's electricity tariff is going to be increased as a result of a hike in fossil fuel prices. How much will this affect your electricity charges?