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Here’s How To Make A Klinik Kesihatan Appointment Using The MySejahtera App

Beat the line at any government hospitals or Klinik Kesihatan

18 hours ago

Review Of Civil Service Remuneration Scheme To Be Expedited, Says Anwar Ibrahim

Anwar Ibrahim has announced that the review of the civil service remuneration scheme will be expedited before it’s finalised.

18 hours ago

LHDN Is Keeping An Eye On Social Media Influencers With ‘Unordinary’ Wealth

The Inland Revenue Board has stated that they are keeping an eye on influencers who flaunt their wealth on social…

5 days ago

Guide To Commonwealth Scholarships For Malaysian Students

We have compiled all the information you need to apply including deadlines and eligibility criteria.

6 days ago

Malaysia Might Extend Passport Life From 5 To 10 Years

The immigration department is currently looking into extending the validity of Malaysian passports from 5 years to 10 years maximum.

7 days ago

How To Earn Credit Card Points Faster By Paying Car Loans, Housing Loans, And Other Non-Card Expenses

Here's how you can rack up your credit card points from paying your large expenses like car loans, housing loans,…

2 weeks ago

Talking Sens EP4: Making Money To Help Others w/ Afiq Nazari

Social entrepreneur Afiq Nazari of MyVentureCapital talks to us about why it's important to earn money if you want to…

2 weeks ago

Sarawak Will Join Forces With EU In Energy Production Sector

The Sarawak Premier has announced that the state will be cooperating with the European Union in their efforts to push…

2 weeks ago

Malaysians Reminded To Disclose Their Income By May 31

LHDN has reminded Malaysians to disclose their income by the 31st of May 2024 in their special voluntary programme.

2 weeks ago

Earn Extra Money This Chinese New Year (And During School Holidays)

Make use of the holiday season to cash in some bucks.

2 weeks ago