Car Dealers All Out To Entice Customers This CNY


Despite a slump in car sales, dealers and auto traders are on an all-out price war to get vehicles moving in light of the coming Chinese New Year.

English-language daily The Star said many dealers offered deals and discounts and extended warranties to boost sales due to festivities.

Chinese New Year is usually the period when there is an upsurge in vehicle sales.

To encourage purchasing, dealers are capitalising on fears over the weakening ringgit pushing up car prices in the near future, by telling prospective buyers that now is the best time to get a new car.

Stiff competition among car dealers would benefit buyers, said Samson Anand George, group chief operating officer (automotive group) of Naza Corp Holdings.

“Now would be the best and right time to buy a car. Those waiting to buy should not wait any longer.”

Other brands pushing enticing deals in light of the festivities include German automaker Volkswagen and local car company Perodua.

Paul Selvaraj, secretary-general of the Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations, warned Malaysians that while competition among car dealers are beneficial, they must ensure they could afford it.

“If they are able to manage their finances well, now would be a good time to get a car.

“However, they need to see if they really need to buy a car as it is the largest expenditure next to buying a house,” he added.

Selvaraj said that failure to repay car loans was among the reasons why many were made bankrupt.


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