Buy A Subaru XV For RM32,860 LESS!

Buy A Subaru XV For RM32,860 LESS!

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Note: This promotion has ended. 

Everybody loves a good bargain, and even more so in the delightful scenario in which you are getting wayyy more than what you are paying for.

It may sound too good to be true, but that’s exactly what you’ll be getting when you purchase a demo and display Subaru unit!

Motor Image, Malaysia’s official distributor of Subaru vehicles, is letting go of its unregistered ex-display and ex-showroom units at super attractive prices! And we’re talking about prices up to RM32,860 LOWER than its retail price of when you purchase a Subaru XV demo unit!

Granted, these units have been decked out on public display at roadshows or in showrooms. In this case, they were used as display units, test-drive cars and ferry cars at the Russ Swift show.

However, Motor Image ensures that they’ve been well-maintained and will restore all units sold prior to delivery. Restoration works will include polishing off small hairline scratches so that they look as good as new!

What’s the full deal about these demo units? We have the full details below!


Why it’s value for your money

You’re getting a SUV for the price of a sedan!

To put things into perspective, the Subaru XV demo unit is currently going for only RM89,828 in Peninsular Malaysia and RM92,890 in East Malaysia.

Where do I start?

Keen on owning this top-performing vehicle? You will need to pick up your pace NOW for they are only available while stocks last, and there are limited units to go around!

Buyers interested in purchasing unregistered units of the Subaru XV will be able to apply for a full loan. They also come with a factory warranty of five years or 100,000km from the point of registration.

For more information, drop by the nearest Subaru showroom to you today!

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