Bursa Malaysia Launches New ESG Reporting Platform

Bursa Malaysia Launches New ESG Reporting Platform

Bursa Malaysia Securities Bhd has recently launched a new ESG Reporting Platform for public listed companies. This platform will serve as a repository for disclosures submitted under the bourse’s enhanced sustainability reporting requirements which were introduced in September 2022.

Public-listed companies (PLC) will be required to utilise this platform in compliance with said reporting requirements. Use of the platform will be free of charge and it will be accessible via the Bursa LINK system. A summary performance table, including indicators and data pertinent to the listed issuers’ material sustainability matters, will be generated. 

Bursa Malaysia seeks to elevate ESG disclosures and has also given acknowledgement to positive progress by issuers even before the mandatory periods.

The launch of the ESG Reporting Platform is accompanied by user guides and videos to assist issuers in navigating the platform’s functionalities, available to registered Bursa LINK users.

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