Here’s Last Year’s Budget Highlights At A Glance

Budget 2021 to 2022

With Malaysia transiting to the ‘endemic’ stage of Covid-19, the federal government cannot afford to lose its momentum on reviving the economy with measures to promote growth and rebuild the nation’s resilience.

All these measures will come with a hefty price tag and Budget 2022 really has no option but to be expansionary, even at the expense of widening the country’s fiscal deficit.

Budget 2021 was tabled last year at RM322.5 billion but the actual size of the budget is likely to be revised given the additional billions of ringgit in funds pumped into the Covid-19 Fund in several amendment bills tabled in Parliament throughout 2021.

Will Budget 2022 be even bigger than Budget 2021? We asked several experts to weigh in on this topic. Check out what they had to say here.

Meanwhile, here’s our Budget 2021 recap in 1 minute.

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