Budget 2016 Survey: The Complete Results

Budget 2014 Malaysia

It has been a challenging year for Malaysia. With the abolition of of petrol subsidy, implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), and lately, the weakening Ringgit, Malaysians are grappling with the rising cost of living.

There are lifestyle adjustments we must make to survive, and investment is no longer an option but a compulsory money management practice to protect our money. It is also more important to comb through different banking products properly, such as getting the right credit card that can help us save, or getting a fixed deposit account that will protect our emergency fund from eroding due to the rising inflation.

With close to nine out of 10 Malaysians think that we are facing a cost of living crisis, the anticipation for what Budget 2016 will bring is palpable. Here are some surprising things that our Budget 2016 Sentiment Survey revealed:

Malaysia Budget 2016

Malaysia Budget 2016

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The information and/or data from the Budget 2016 Sentiment Survey may only be rebroadcast or republished with full and proper credit and attribution to “iMoney Malaysia.” This survey was conducted between October 5 and October 15, with a sample of more than 2,000 Malaysians.

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