Beginner’s Guide To Investing With A Stock Trading App

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One of the best things to come out of the rising AI trend and digitalisation is making access to professional investment services and tools available at the touch of your fingertips.

This includes stock trading on the local and international markets. Once available only to big-time players with large capital investments, stock trading can now be accessed by everyone – by using the right app and trading platform.

If you are looking for the right app to start your online stock trading journey, check out moomoo. Officially launched in Malaysia earlier this year, Moomoo MY has also been approved by the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) with a Capital Markets Services License (CMSL). This allows Moomoo MY to offer securities and derivatives trading and clearing services to Malaysian investors.

Redefining investing with the right app

With this SC-approved license, Moomoo MY is now a participating organisation of Bursa Malaysia. At the same time, Malaysians can also get access to investing in US stocks through the moomoo app.

In fact, the app makes for seamless switching between Malaysia and US stock markets so you can maintain a comprehensive global stock trading portfolio.

Here’s what the moomoo app offers:

  • Trade stocks, ETFs, warrants and REITs
  • Access to 9000 + US stocks & ETFs
  • Access to 1000+ Malaysia stocks & ETFs
  • Multi-trading platform on phone, tablet and desktop

Imagine, all these features are packed within a single, user-friendly platform. The convenience of managing your portfolio, accessing global markets and diverse trading products all-in-one super app to help you make informed stock trading decisions.

Enjoy lower trading costs

From the perspective of compound interest, transaction costs are a large sum of money when viewed from an annual perspective, which makes you realise the importance of transaction costs.

If you are looking for a way to lower your stock trading transaction costs, Moomoo MY lets you start trading with zero commission^.

How to trade with zero commission:

  1. Sign up as a new user on Moomoo MY
  2. Trade Malaysia stocks and ETFs at RM0 commission for 180 days
  3. Trade US stocks and ETFs at US$0 commission for 180 days

How moomoo compares to other stock trading apps in Malaysia

Compared to other stock trading competitors in Malaysia, Moomoo MY comes with even more benefits to help lower your trading costs.

Moomoo MYOther brokerages
FREE Level 1 MY stocks 3 market depth quotes & Level 2 US stock 60 market depth quotesPaid access
FREE AI-powered market monitorX
FREE profit/loss analysisX
FREE stop-loss orderX
Risk-free paper tradingX

Additional features packed into this all-in-one super app include:

Free real-time quotes. Unlock Level 2 US stocks and Level 1 MY stocks quotes on this app that provide detailed insights into price action as well as bid/ask prices.

AI-powered tools. The platform uses AI for trend projection to analyse candlestick charts and match users to stocks with similar candlestick charts to anticipate future trends.

Customisable stock screener. Utilise 100+ data filters across sectors and market performance to find stocks that align with your investment preferences.

Shariah-compliant screener. This helps screen Malaysian, US and Hong Kong stocks that meet the requirements set by Shariah law.

Fully visualised financials. In-depth insights into companies’ financial data and business performance to let users visually compare prices and analyse ownership activities.

Real-time quotes at zero cost

Moomoo MY offers its users the ability to get real-time market quotes at zero cost for both US and Malaysian markets.

  • Get 3 real-time market depth level 1 quotes for Malaysian stocks for RM0
  • Get 60 real-time market depth level 2 quotes for US stocks for US$0

Moomoo MY rewards and Moo-velous campaign

Moomoo MY is offering rewards for new users, on top of that, iMoney is offering a lucky draw to iMoney readers.

Share your Moomoo ID in the iMoney form here.

Disclaimer: ^0 commission for 180 days only. Full T&Cs and other fees apply. All views expressed in the article are the independent opinions of, which are not shared by Futu Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (“Moomoo MY”). No content shall be considered financial advice or recommendation. Moomoo MY links are included in this post, through which referrals are made and I may receive certain commissions. Please contact Moomoo MY for more information.

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