Baju Raya Shopping Tips For The Budget Buyer

Baju Raya Shopping Tips For The Budget Buyer

From the expensive Bazaar foods to our PM cutting costs by not hosting an open house, Raya seems to be a lot more expensive this year for everyone.

And one of the big costs that we all face during this festive period is to buy a new baju raya outfit. The thing is, baju raya shopping can be expensive if you’re not careful as it can easily cost you RM130 for men or RM549 for a kebaya outfit.

But worry not! We’ve got some budget tips to help you get the best Raya outfit without busting the bank.

Tip #1 Buying it from online stores for cheaper prices and free delivery

If you’re too busy to go around and shop for deals, then buying your baju raya online from stores or platforms such as Shoppee can be a great way to find an outfit on a budget.

There have been a ton of shops popping up on Shopee that offer stylish and modern outfits at an affordable price of only RM70 or with discounts as high as 65% off. Not to mention, you can even get it with free shipping, which further helps keep your budget low.

One thing to note, however, is the cut-off dates for posting parcels. If you make your purchase after these dates, then odds are you’re not getting your outfit before Raya so plan accordingly.

We admit that buying clothes online can be risky, as you can’t get a feel for the material and fit of the outfit. So maybe take some extra time to read reviews and look up the vendor.

Tip #2 Look for promotional prices and deals in retail stores and wholesalers

Prefer to try out the baju raya before buying it? Have the time to shop around and look for deals? Then buying it from retail and wholesale stores can be a great way to buy your outfit on a budget.

The key is to find shops that are offering deals or promotions. Places like Jakel Mall often have ongoing discounts that can go up to 85% on selected days. If you want to go even cheaper, hypermarkets such as Mydin offer super affordable deals at just RM5!

The only downside to buying it from shops and retailers during promotion periods is that you’re limited to what they have to offer and the style might not be to your liking.

Tip #3 Thrift/second hand/pre-loved stores for unconventional styles at budget prices

What if you’re on a budget and don’t mind doing a bit of adventurous shopping to find the perfect outfit?

Then thrift shopping is your answer.

Thrift shopping has become a mainstream trend in Malaysia with tons of thrift stores opening to cater to shoppers with all manner of preferences and budgets.

Places like Family Bundle MY and 2nd Street can be great places to start your thrift shopping journey as they offer a ton of selections and even unconventional styles that you can use to glam up your Raya outfit.

For those who are even more adventurous, pop-up markets such as the TAPAK Urban Street Dining have small stalls that sell preloved or second-hand clothing at super cheap prices.

#BonusTip Selling off your old baju raya to increase your budget

If you have a bunch of old Raya outfits that are just collecting dust in your closet, why not sell them off to increase your budget?

The aforementioned thrift stores often have buyback programs where they will buy off old clothing at a predetermined price, provided that it’s well-kept and not too tattered.

Or, if you’re feeling entrepreneurial, you can opt to sell it on marketplaces like Carousell where you can set your price and have a wider reach to sell your old outfits to.

Buying a new baju raya should be exciting but it doesn’t mean it has to be costly as well. At the same time, buying it cheap doesn’t mean that you can’t make it stylish. With the budget tips that we’ve shared, you can be sure your OOTD will look fabulous while still having a bit extra left for Hari Raya!

Need more Raya budget tips? Check out these 4 Tips To Help You Save Money For Your Raya Shopping. Planning a glamping trip during the long Hari Raya weekend? Check out these places that you can go to.

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