5 Tips To Help You Save Money For Your Raya Shopping

5 Tips To Help You Save Money For Your Raya Shopping

With Raya coming up in a couple of months, we’re sure many of you have already started your shopping.

More often than not, we get carried away in the shopping craze and forget the budget that we painstakingly drew up before Ramadhan to ensure that we would definitely not break it this year – no matter what.

Prices of goods tend to go up during Raya every year. But it doesn’t mean we should let it ruin our finances and our Raya holidays.


If you are tasked to shop for the family this Raya, we have come up with the ultimate Raya shopping guide that will help you keep your cash in your wallet, without sacrificing your Raya tradition!

1. Compare, compare, compare!

Every hypermarket and supermarket will come up with competitive promotions leading up to Raya. Each of them wants to let their customers know what good deals they have so you will pick them.

Make sure to compare the prices for each store and find the best deal for your money. In fact, most of this information is now available online – so you don’t even have to move from your couch.

If you’re too lazy to check every website and do the comparison, then use sites like iPrice or Hargapedia who have already done all the work for you. iPrice compares prices for pretty much anything you want from leading online stores like Lazada, LazMall, Shopee, Zalora, and more.

Hargapedia is an extremly handy app that compares and monitors prices from 6,300 stores – including popular stores like AEON, Cold Storage, Mydin, Tesco, and many, many more. They also have exclusive deals from their partners and offer shopping insights for you.

Once you’ve identified the goods that you want, remember that buying in bulk can be wallet-friendly. For the usual perishable food items that have a slightly longer shelf life, such as condensed milk, cookies, chocolates and candy, you can buy in bulk when the prices are slashed in order to maximise on your savings.

2. Shop for free wherever possible

Who doesn’t like to shop for free?  It’s entirely possible to shop without paying a single cent. You just need to know where to go.

If you are looking to pick up some household items for Raya at Lazada, we can definitely hook you up with some vouchers. Apply for selected credit cards with us, and you will get a cool RM500 Lazada voucher from us upon approval.

Yes, it is as easy as that. Kill two birds with one stone – get the right credit card that rewards you for your spending and an RM500 voucher to make anything you buy on Lazada, 500 bucks cheaper!

3. Shop with the right card

With the rising cost of living and wages that do not raise in tandem, the most obvious choice to survive is to tighten our belts.

However, you don’t need to sacrifice every single thing. There are ways you can still afford some of the previous luxuries. Getting a high cash back credit card for your daily expenses will help you slash off some of the price hikes. Some cards offer up to 10% cash back on groceries, petrol, and GRAB rides – so pick wisely and you will save a tonne of money.

How about luxuries like a designer bag for this Raya? Do you have to kiss that goodbye? Not necessarily. The UOB Lady’s Classic Card allows you to convert purchase above RM2,000 on designer shoes, bags, watches and jewellery into 6-month or 12-month instalment plan at 0%.

You can also earn up to 10% cash back on grocery transactions at selected merchants, and 3x UNIRinggit Reward Points for every RM1 spent at Aeon Store, Parkson, Isetan, Metrojaya, Sogo and Robinson.

UOB Lady’s Classic Card

UOB Lady’s Classic Card

Up to 10% cashback on grocery transactions at selected merchants

3x UNIRinggit Reward Points for every RM1 spent at selected departmental stores

4. Sniff for deals online

Why pay full price when you can get a discount? It just takes a little more work from you.

If you are going for Ramadhan buffet, you can pay a fraction of the usual price by booking in advance or shop for it on group-buying sites like Fave.

Hotels and restaurants have already started their early-bird sale of Ramadhan buffets, and you can save money when you purchase these deals via Fave. For example, this buffet for four costs at The Zon All Suites Residences costs only RM245 (U.P. RM372) when booked online. That’s a 34% savings on your end.

Aside from meals, you can also pamper yourself with massages, mani-pedi sessions, and facials for Raya – all at a discount!

There are many online vouchers and deals floating around on the web and it doesn’t hurt to go a Google search to save some bucks.

5. Envelope budgeting

Envelope budgeting has been around for a very long time. We even had a reader sharing how envelope budgeting worked for him to pay off his RM60,000 debt. However, if you are not in debt and prefer a little more freedom in your expenditure, you can just adopt the envelope budgeting at certain times.

The few weeks before Raya usually involves a lot of shopping, making sure you have everything you need. During your shopping craze, we can definitely get lost and break the budget. But you can adopt this budgeting method while preparing for Raya.

Set how much you want to spend for Raya, and divide the money according to different categories. For example, you may allocate RM500 on baju raya, and RM800 on food for Raya, and RM500 on travel back to kampung. Take the cash out from your account and put it into individual envelope.

The most important part of this method? STICK TO IT. If you overspend on one category, cut back on another.

The rising cost of living and the current economic climate can hurt our budget, but we don’t have to make it an excuse to not have our usual Raya tradition. It just takes a little more planning to ensure our finances are taken care of for Raya.

Do you know any other Raya hacks that can help save money?

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