Aviation Licensing Fees To Increase Sharply Starting From 2025

airline fees

The Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) has sent out an official notice to industry players that it will propose an increase in fees.

To become more independent and less reliant on the annual injection of RM320 – RM350 million from Putrajaya, CAAM will revise some of its existing charges and introduce new fees starting in 2025.

Based on the proposal, 7 categories of fees will be revised while 25 new fees related to Unmanned Aircraft/Drone will be introduced.

The highest increase will come from the renewal of certificates for multi-runway aerodromes, which sees it rising from RM25,000 to RM300,000 in 2025 for aerodromes with two runways, RM390,000 in 2028 and RM468,000 by 2031.

2025 will see CAAM introduce the licensing fees to operate unmanned aircraft and drones used for surveillance, spraying, mapping, filming and recreational aircraft flying.

This means, that if you want to use your drone to shoot footage either for commercial or personal use, you might need to pay a licensing fee to do it.

Other fees such as renewal of air operator licence, airworthiness certificates, maintenance and ground-handling services, will see an increase of 50% to 100% from 2025 to 2031.

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