Antler Partners With Khazanah To Invest In Malaysian Startups

Antler Khazanah partnership

Global venture capital firm Antler is looking to invest in Malaysian startups.

They have announced a partnership with the sovereign wealth fund of Malaysia, Khazanah.  Antler has already ventured into Southeast Asian nations such as Singapore,  Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Antler has become well known for being a very active early-stage investor globally. It has invested in over 792 companies across 26 cities worldwide, amassing a cumulative portfolio value of US$3.7 billion.

Antler will be the latest addition to Khazanah’s Future Malaysia Programme, an initiative under its Dana Impak (Impact Fund) mandate. 

Khazanah’s Future Malaysia Programme

What is Khazanah’s Future Malaysia Programme? Created to serve as support for local start-ups, entrepreneurs, venture capital, and corporate venture programmes, the aim is to foster collaborations with domestic and international partners. Dana Impak is an RM6 billion commitment over 5 years and is a key pillar under Khazanah’s Advancing Malaysia strategy. 

This new partnership will serve to nurture entrepreneurial talent and grant them access to Antler’s global platform and network. Local companies will stand to benefit with more global opportunities both within and outside of Malaysia.

Enabling local companies to succeed in the international market

The aim is to accelerate the growth trajectory of Malaysian entrepreneurs and startups, enabling them to expand and succeed in the international market.

This is another step forward for our Future Malaysia Programme, which aims to scale Malaysian ideas and businesses to be globally competitive,” said Dato’ Amirul Feisal Wan Zahir, Managing Director at Khazanah.

“Going forward, we will continue to identify potential partners with proven track records, expertise, and strategic value proposition to join us in nurturing and empowering the next generation of Malaysian entrepreneurs through this programme,” he added.

Antler’s ‘Day Zero Investing’

Antler themselves specialise in a distinctive form of investment, which they call “Day Zero Investing”. They help founders through their journey right from the beginning, starting from the pre-seed stage and extending all the way to Series A and beyond.

“We are on a mission to fundamentally improve the world by backing and investing in the world’s most exceptional people from Day Zero to greatness.

“We are especially thrilled about partnering with Khazanah to unlock this opportunity for entrepreneurs in Malaysia,” said Jussi Salovaara, Co-founder and Managing Partner at Antler Asia.

Antler is aiming to invest in over 30 startups across Malaysia over the next three years, with the inaugural Venture Generation Program set to begin in October 2023 and applications are currently open.

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