The Cost Of A Car Accident Is More Than Just The Repair Cost

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In 2014, Malaysia was named in the top 25 most dangerous countries in terms of road use, along with an alarming estimate of 30,000 fatalities per 100,000 users.

This conclusion, which was made following research by the University of Michigan, revealed that a rise in developments within the country could have caused the spike in fatalities.

Furthermore, a look at the statistics provided by the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (Miros), showed an upward trend in the number of registered vehicles in Malaysia – the latest figure in 2016 tabulated more than 27.6 million registered cars, while the total number of accidents was at 521,466.

Even if you are the safest driver on earth, others may not be as cautious and the risk of falling victim to a road accident is always there – Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said 80% of road accidents in 2016 were caused by human error!

However, we are not just talking about major accidents, even a minor hit on your bumper could tie up your time and finances in knots.

What if you get into an accident?

The time wasted after getting into an accident could stretch up to hours. Figuring out how to pull over is only the first step because after that, you’ve got a checklist of things to do.

Imagine driving home from work in the peak of traffic and another car swerves into your lane and into you – the damage done is not only on your vehicle, but it also burns a hole in your pocket.

Here are some costs that you will be burdened with, should you get into an accident.

Tow truck services per trip (to police and workshop)
RM60 – RM200
Police summons (for guilty party)
Minimum RM300
Transport home
RM10 – RM20
Cost of transportation while your car is being repaired*
RM18 – RM24 per trip

5 days x 2 trips = RM180 – RM240
Total damage estimate
RM700 – RM760
* Estimated repair time is seven days. Assuming the distance from home to work is from Bandar Utama Petaling Jaya to KL Sentral, Kuala Lumpur. Cost is estimated using Uber fare estimator.

Not only would you suffer a (potentially large) cutback on cash, but the waiting time in between processes (waiting for tow truck, lodging report, etc) would also be very stressful and potentially taxing to your health (waiting in the hot sun or heavy rain). Hence, it’s an overall painful pinch for the average person.

You should also be on alert for tow truck scammers. In February last year, The Star published a letter from a reader who highlighted “rogue tow trucks”. He was referring to tow trucks that arrive at the scene within minutes and have greedy intentions to milk you for your worth.

In 2015, one such case went viral when a man was cheated out of RM2,050 after engaging one of these tow trucks!

How to avoid opportunistic scammers:

Other than that, there are also other important steps you should take in case of an accident.

Allianz Road Rangers

The entire process could take hours before you finally get some rest, especially when arranging for transport home.

The process could be further dragged out depending on the type of road accident you are involved with!

Simplify the process

Allianz Road Rangers aid in the event of an accident and features seven touch points, which include a 24-hour call centre, first responders bike brigade, tow truck services, claim assistance and more.

This will ease the frustration of being involved in a road accident and the service is free-of-charge nationwide for all Allianz Motor Comprehensive Policyholders.

What is Allianz Road Rangers?

Here’s how breezy the process can be with Allianz Road Rangers.

allianz road rangers

These features are arranged by Allianz to provide comfort in the event of an accident. They will assist with everything from start to finish without you having to worry about large sums of upfront cash!

How do I get Allianz Road Rangers access?

Owning the right comprehensive motor insurance important as this will specifically protect the interest of your vehicle in the event of an accident.

Allianz Road Rangers services are available to Allianz comprehensive motor insurance policy holders. With this, you can protect your car (and finances) if your car suffers damages stated within the policy and on top of that, you can enjoy the Allianz Road Rangers service for free.

Regardless, always drive safe and smart

Remember, life is full of uncertainties and you’ll never know when you might be involved in an accident. If you are, be smart about it because there are those who will want to take advantage of your situation (such as tow truck scammers as we’ve mentioned above).

Besides that, another important thing we must stress on, are road rules. This may be self-explanatory, but a reminder occasionally won’t hurt anyone.

While it’s hard to prepare for life’s uncertainties, here are our top three rules to follow to avoid clashing with another.

However, abiding by the road rules and sticking to tips aren’t enough to protect your car – it is best to be backed up with the right motor policy, especially those with value-added services such as Allianz Road Rangers. Learn more about it now!

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