8 Car Modifications That Can Increase Your Car Value


In our previous article, we shared some downside of car modifications that can affect the resale value of your vehicle. Car modifications alter the original purpose and design of the stock car, which in turn distorts the reliability, usability and drivability of a car. Thus causing the decline in the vehicle’s value.

However, if you are a fan of modifying your car, don’t fret. There are still some modifications that can potentially help with the overall value of your vehicle.

1. Alloy rims


Notice the great improvement on the right?

These days, most brand new cars come with alloy rims but for some of the lower range new cars, such as Proton, Perodua and older used cars, the rims are usually steel rims slapped on with unattractive plastic rim caps.

Other than looking good, alloy wheels weigh significantly less than their steel-plated competitors, while being incredibly durable. Depending on the make and model of the car, some alloy rims can provide more brake clearance, which improves your brakes’ lifespan. Some experts even claim that they increase the gas mileage and handling and performance of the vehicle.

As long the design of the rims are not too exotic and generally likable, or change the tyre profiles and size until which it affects the car’s drivability, alloy rims are a safe bet in increasing your car resale value.

Two pairs of 15” alloy wheels are selling at about RM600 online, which is a small price for better handling and performance for years to come.

2. Leather seats


That classy feeling.

Leather seats adds a touch of luxury that improves the desirability of the car. Apart from making your car look classier, leather seats are easier to clean, because they don’t absorb spills which could result in stains, unlike fabric seats.

Leather seats also tend to last longer than fabric seats and harbour less dust, which will be a plus point for dust-allergic drivers and passengers.

Plus, leather seats = class.

The price ranges from RM700 for semi leather to RM2,000 for full leather seats.

3. Window tints (JPJ approved)


Stay cool.

Our country has only two seasons: a rainy season that turns basement carparks into swimming pools, and scorching hot season, that caused the Great Klang Valley Drought last year.

Most of the time it is scorching hot, and sitting in a boiling car without window tint is not fun at all.

With the relaxation of window tints regulations by the Road Transport Department (JPJ) effective May 1, 2015, the demand for darker window tints will definitely surge.

Besides the increased privacy by reducing visibility into the vehicle, window tints also reduce heat transmission from sun light which keeps the inside cooler during the day. Some tints also offer security by reinforcing the glass making it harder for someone to smash your window in.

If you’re planning to sell your car in the near future, perhaps getting a window tint (or darker ones if you already have one) for your car will definitely make it easier to sell, especially if your potential buyer is viewing the car under the hot sun!

4. Reverse, front and side parking sensors and cameras


Having reverse camera is no longer just about boosting the value of your car, but about improving safety. With increasing cases of drivers running over young children while reversing their car, having this feature installed is definitely a must, especially for those with kids at home.

A car player with a reverse camera costs about RM590, not inclusive of installation.

5. Built-in sat navs and Bluetooth connectivity


No more asking for directions.

Kudos for those who can navigate the city without using any form of sat navs (short for satellite navigation) or any map at all. However, for most of us who lack sense of direction, having a good sat nav can save so much time and money.

While stand-alone sat navs are widely available and nearly all smartphones have GPS feature today, installing a built-it sat nav could still potentially increase your car resale value.

Sat navs usually come with Bluetooth connectivity to connect your phone or music players to your car sound system, making your driving experience even more awesome.

A 7-inch touchscreen sat nav costs about RM800 online.

6. Appropriate body kits


Installing appropriate car body kits such as front and back bumpers, side skirts, spoilers and fog lamps can boost your car’s aestheticvalue, which potentially gives you more bargaining power over buyers, and contribute to a higher car resale value.

For instance, car manufacturers like Toyota, BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Nissan and even our own Proton comes with their own factory performance package.

For cars that do not have such “upgrades”, getting either a factory or appropriate aftermarket body kits could put your car on par with those who do. Prices vary according to make and model of your vehicle.

7. Interior revamp


Tasteful indeed.

Is your car interior covered cheaply with plasticy dashboard and side panels? Does the traffic noise from outside your car drown out your music?

Your car could possible be a victim of poor (or “economical”) interior fit-up. Wait, you don’t have to put your car up for sale because of this. You can revamp your car’s interior instead.

For instance, installing leather linings and better sound proofing can make your car quieter, more comfortable and also give it a plushier feeling. All these improvements can significantly increase the desirability of your car from a buyer’s perspective.

8. Metallic paint


Er… maybe not. 

If you are shopping for a new car, you will find that metallic-coloured cars are often priced higher than solid-coloured ones.
Most people prefer metallic rather than solid because it is more durable and resistant to fading and is also able to hide scratches and dings well.

However, by changing your car colour drastically can also have negative impact on the value of your car (not everyone wants a hot pink sedan).

The above types of modification are just some of the basic improvements that your can make to your car to enjoy a better driving experience and yet, not hurt the resale value of your car.

These modifications are considerable upgrades for your car and at the very least they make the car easier to sell, and at best, they increase the resale value of the car, especially if the car is already in good condition.

As long the customisations are non-invasive additions that compromise the car’s original intent (drivability, purpose, base design), there could be a good chance these upgrades give you the upperhand in negotiation when it’s time to sell.

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