5 Ways To Make Extra Cash For Raya!

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Where’d the whole year go? This is one question most people have in mind when faced with the prospect of preparing for Raya. One look at the bank account will likely send these people into a panic fret.

Raya, just like any festive seasons in Malaysia, is the time when retail industry booms, credit card limits break and personal loan applications increased.

To ensure you still have a grasp on your finances, spend less or earn more!

Here are five ways you can make some extra cash during Ramadan!

1. Sell stuff online

An important part of preparing for Raya is to clean out your house! You will definitely unearth old clothes, books or other items that you no longer need (or had no idea you had in the first place).

Instead of throwing these unused items away (especially if they are still in good condition), sell them online. Thanks to how quickly the internet has evolved, you can easily sell your stuff through websites such as eBay, Mudah or Lelong.

The saying “one man’s trash is another’s treasure” is very true so why not try to sell your ‘trash’? Don’t expect to roll in the cash selling your pre-loved items, but at least you’ll get some extra cash for Raya instead of just trash.

2. Monetise your skills

If you are exceptionally good at photography, baking or designing, it’s time to turn these hobbies into gold. Start by offering your services to your friends and family – be it taking photos at events, baking Raya cookies or designing Raya Cards for others.

Providing photography at a birthday party can easily earn RM500 per event, depending on the quality and experience. With Raya coming up, it’ll be a good time to offer your services for the buka puasa gatherings every other night!

Just promote your skills on Facebook or through word-of-mouth. You could be surprised at how fast you can start getting extra income from the business, starting from Ramadan!

3. Recycling for cash

You can call it Malaysian culture but every festive season you will never fail to see families stocking up on canned and packet drinks. This makes up for a lot of recyclable can and plastic bottles at the end of the festival.

This is where you can play a role not just as an Earth crusader; but also earn some cold, hard cash. Just collect these recyclable items in bulk and sell them to the recycling centre to earn about 25 to 55 cents per kilogram of paper and RM3 to RM6 per kilogram of aluminium. This can add up to quite a large sum with all the winter melon teas and cokes being thrown out each Iftar!

4. Pet-sitting service

Though you may not be able to earn the cash way before Raya, but you can definitely earn some cash throughout Syawal. If you are not going back to the kampung this year, you could always offer to pet-sit for your neighbours when they are away.

It’s not that difficult. You just need to keep the pet fed, happy and safe – and you’ll pocket the cash end of the day.

5. Set up a stall at bazaar Ramadan

When it comes to Ramadan, first thing that comes to most Malaysians’ minds is the scrumptious spread available at the bazaar Ramadan in almost every neighbourhood. It is simply a food heaven for anyone.

By starting up a small stall with rental costs as low as RM80 per day (depending on the location), you could quite easily earn a whole lot of money by selling the right item.  Drink sellers can easily make at least RM600 in revenue a day, selling 600 cups at RM 1 per cup.

If you have a secret recipe that will be a hit at the bazaar, you definitely need to get started this Ramadan! However, do note that the application for the stalls depends on approval by the authorities.

Just be creative to explore new ways to earn some cash. Take advantage of the festive season to thicken up your wallet and make Hari Raya a great one. With these five steps, making more money for Raya is lot easier contrary to what most people think.

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