2014 FIFA World Cup: The Highest Prize Money Ever At US$576M


The World Cup kicks off in Brazil June 12th and will build up to a glorious crescendo on July 14, 2014. Every World Cup, money has been the topic of discussion through much of the preparation and the lead up to this tournament. This year is no exception.

Governed by a multi-billion dollar organisation known as FIFA, each World Cup they manage to surprise the public with even higher prize money than before.

This year’s prize money is the highest in history with FIFA announcing the total prize money at US$576 million, and the winning team bringing home US$35 million from that pot.

So, how much is winning the 2014 World Cup actually worth compared to the 2010 World Cup?

world-cup (2)

As shown in the infographic above, the increased in the prize money is only for the participating fee, runner up, winner and the club payments amount to football clubs by US$30 million.

FIFA may be intentionally highlighting the prize money hike from the last World Cup, but overall, the increment is not as dramatic as they made out to be.

According to FIFA, this is only the first step to paving an even bigger money pot in Russia for the 2018 World Cup. This will definitely open the possibility of 2018 producing the first $50 million World Cup winner.

Which team do you think will bring home the US$35 million come July 14, 2014?


Is the prize money enough to cover the cost of these most expensive squads at the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Not just the winning team will stand to win, but also these five football players who will see their value increase after the 2014 FIFA World Cup. 

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