5 Football Stars Expecting Even More Money After The World Cup


The World Cup has long been a global stage for the best football stars to highlight their talent to the world. There are even some players whose price tags sky rocket after the biggest sporting event in the world.

After the last World Cup in South Africa, some of the players who increased in value and earnings are Mesut Ozil, Luis Suarez and Manuel Neuer – they became extremely expensive after showcasing their talent to the world. Suarez was valued at €21.6 milllion (RM94.8 million) at the end of 2009, and increased to €27.1 million (RM119 million) after 2010 FIFA World Cup.

The upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup is sure to have its share of star performers and here are five players iMoney predicts will see their values soar after this World Cup.

Luis Suarez of Uruguay
Current value: €52 million

It has been a good year for Suarez, when he took Liverpool Football Club almost to the top of the Premier League, with just two points short.

Establishing himself as the best striker in the world with the highest number of goals last season, Suarez is set to make history again this World Cup. Hopefully, a less controversial history than the last World Cup, where his infamous handball robbed Ghana off their chance to be in the semi-final.

With rumours of interest from Real Madrid and Barcelona, Suarez could see his value rocket upwards even further. At 27 years old, this is the best time for Suarez to build an even more successful (and lucrative) career on the football field, if he recovers from his knee injury in time for World Cup!

Javier Hernandez of Mexico
Current value: €16 million

The once sprightly striker, Hernandez, also known as Chicharito, is desperate to once again highlight his talent at the World Cup after spending most of his time this year warming the bench.

Though Mexico only made it to the Round of 16 last World Cup, Chicharito has made an impression in the world of football and will be looking forward to a chance to impress his new manager (and possibly other clubs) on the biggest football stage.

If he gets the chance to prove himself again come June, the €7.5 million that United paid for him initially would surely jump up after showing off his finishing prowess.

Toni Kroos of Germany
Current value: €40 million

Another player that blazed the football pitch last season was Toni Kroos. This 24-year-old shined bright when he played for Bayern Munich and will surely be keeping the same momentum when he hit the world stage.

Kroos’, a key player for the Germany team would definitely see an increase in value after this World Cup.  Before Manchester United’s ex-manager bid farewell to the club, it was rumoured that David Moyes has shown interest on Kroos. Perhaps, the new manager, Louis van Gaal will continue with the quest as Kroos is extremely versatile and is capable of transforming Manchester United into a force to be reckoned with.

Diego Costa of Spain
Current value: €35 million

The Brazil-born striker, Diego Costa, who has committed to playing with Spain, has been struggling with a series of injuries in recently and may face the prospect of not playing in the World Cup in June.

However, the 25-year-old was having an outstanding season for Atlético after the exit of Radamel Falcao last season. He has led it to a club-record start in the Spanish league with a competition leading 11 goals in 10 rounds.

The physical yet fast player, like many other great Brazilian strikers, will definitely make the past victor, Spain, an even stronger team. Clubs had shown interest in Costa but he stayed in Atlético throughout the Champions League. There have been rumours of Chelsea agreeing to a certain fee for Costa and if he gives an outstanding performance on the international stage, he may be getting more and better offers from various clubs.

If he makes it for this World Cup, there’s little doubt that he’ll prove to be a force to be reckoned with and see his value increase.

Júlio César of Brazil
Current value: €2.5 million

Júlio César is ready to leave Toronto FC to start his preparations for the World Cup but will it be a permanent or temporary move?

The Brazilian goalkeeper was desperate for a move after Queens Park Rangers were relegated to the Championship. However, he did not manage to secure any transfers as no clubs could agree to his terms.

With just a little more than two weeks to World Cup, César may be able to secure better transfer deals with an outstanding performance playing for Brazil.

Brazilian coach Luiz Felipe Scolari has said César will be in the squad, but whether he will play on the field is uncertain. If he does get the chance, it could boost his chances for a club to agree to his terms as Brazil are favourites to win the tournament.

The pressure is on for these players, especially César, as he has seen a steady decrease in value since 2011. The World Cup could work both ways for players as it just may boost their value or could also be detrimental to their career.

Who do you foresee will increase in value after the world’s biggest sporting event this year?


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