Why iflix Can Satisfy All Your TV Cravings



We are living in one of the greatest periods of television history.

The last decade has witnessed the popular rise and expansion of internet TV, which has broken down traditional barriers, created new avenues for fandom, and brought about a bold new era of content distribution.

Above all, it has forever changed the way that we consume content.

Terrestrial TV? Face it, who has the time or patience to wait up for their favourite shows to come on air anymore? Viewers nowadays demand instant and unlimited access to all their favourite TV shows – anytime, anywhere.

Overseas-based internet TV services have made this possible for subscribers. However, most of these services are mostly available only in the western hemisphere.

In comes iflix, the new internet TV service that’s stepped in to shake up the media landscape and to elevate the viewing experience for those of us living in Southeast Asia or more specifically Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. The sweet deal with iflix is that it currently offers more than 11,000 hours of content (at the time of writing) from films and TV shows from the US, UK, Australia, Malaysia Hong Kong and Korea – all at a monthly cost that’s lower than your cup of Starbucks. And they are adding new content as you are reading this article.

Here’s why the game-changing service will satisfy all your TV cravings:

The irresistible pricing



You pay just RM8 per month (or RM96 per annum) if you sign up for a year.  Otherwise you pay RM10 per month, which is still very reasonable compared to other available options around.

Currently, the most basic subscription package for pay TV channels in Malaysia can easily set you back for over RM40 per month. For the cheapest package, you will only get about 40 channels, and half of them may not even cater to your needs. Who wants to pay that much to watch reruns on TV?

If you are a TV show and movie buff, and you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT miss a single episode of The Big Bang Theory, you need something that allows you 100% control. And that’s iflix!

Of course, pay TV offers interest-specific packages too. For example, if you live and breathe Asian entertainment, and cannot get enough of Hong Kong TVB series and Korean dramas, you might feel inclined to take up a package that will offer you just that.

These packages come complete with movie channels, sports channels and children’s programme options. They also offer the most up-to-date releases of your favourite TV shows. In some cases, you can even watch these TVB episodes at the same time as in Hong Kong.

All this, however comes with a hefty fee. That is, easily over RM150 in a month and more than 3X of what you will be paying for iflix in six months!

Here’s how much you could potentially save with iflix instead of a special-interest pay TV package.

TV Packagesiflix (12-month package)Pay TV Total savings with iflix
1 monthRM8RM150RM142
6 monthsRM48RM900RM852
12 monthsRM96RM1,800RM1,704

With iflix, you save a whopping RM1,704 in a year! With the same amount of money, you’ll be able to buy a cool Apple iPad mini or roughly 113 cups of Starbucks coffee.

Meanwhile, if you invest the same amount in fixed deposit, you stand to get RM75.24 in returns per annum.

Besides the attractive pricing, iflix subscriptions come with absolutely no strings attached, no hidden catches or contracts. You are even free to cancel your subscription any time.

The crazy huge selection


iflix has complete seasons of hundreds upon hundreds of top TV shows and popular movies you can watch and re-watch, and like a proverbial trip to a candy store, you get to choose whatever you like, whenever you like, with no limits and worries.

iflix’s content providers include Hollywood’s top studios such as Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution, BBC Worldwide and Warner Bros International Television Distribution, and are working on signing on more content partners.

Its current selection varies from well-loved comedies like 2 Broke Girls and Modern Family,to gripping crime dramas like Sherlock. There are also kid-friendly options like Peep and the Big Wide World to keep your little ones entertained.

The folks at iflix clearly take mobility seriously. Subscribers can use it on up to five devices per account, including TV, smartphones, tablets and laptops. This will guarantee that you won’t miss a single second of exciting action.

It even lets you share your subscription (don’t pretend you weren’t thinking of doing that), in which you can simultaneously watch different shows on two different devices under the same subscription.

The no-fuss setup


Installation only takes a few minutes and you can do it on your own. To run iflix on your web browser, all you need to do is to install the software, Silverlight from their website.

The video-on-demand streaming service also supports Chromecast for both its Android and iOS apps. If you have Chromecast plugged into your TV, the Chromecast feature enables you to beam your iflix playback content directly to the big screen using your smartphone or computer as a remote control. Subtitles are also available for most of its content.

Currently, the team at iflix are working on HD trials and are aiming to introduce a new feature that will enable viewers to download programmes for offline viewing in upcoming months.

The child-safe feature


With hundreds and thousands of content for children on iflix, parents can put their legs up once in a while, while their children watch some child-friendly content. However, the biggest worry that most parents have is when the kids accidentally switch to non-child-friendly content – and that could lead to a nightmare!

With Parental Controls, parents can manage what their children can and cannot watch. You can set the control based on four categories, little kids (two to six years old), older kids (age seven and up), teens (under the age of 14), and adults – restricted.

This enables parents to still stay in control when they share the subscription on their child’s device.

One of the best reasons to sign up for it is you can watch TV shows in their entirety with no advertisements to interrupt the viewing experience. You can also pause, rewind, fast forward or replay as often as you like.

Also, because the episodes are listed one after another, it lets you transition smoothly from one episode to the other without the hassle of having to hunt around for them.

Can’t wait to get started? You can get your fill of the iflix experience when you sign up for a 30-day trial that will grant you full access to all of iflix’s contents and features for FREE. You can sign-up for the trial without giving your credit card details. If you like it, at a price that is probably lower than your lunch, it is totally worth it for the whole family’s entertainment.

Elevate your viewing experience by finding the perfect broadband package for your needs! Also, stand to get some cool rebates when you spend online with the right credit card.


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