Save For Your Goals And Get Rewarded With This Robo Advisor

Wahed Invest online investment

In a collaboration with Tripfez and ACCESS Health International, Wahed Invest has launched their new Savings Booster Programme that is geared towards rewarding individuals for achieving their financial milestones in their savings and investments journey.

This programme provides investors with the freedom to invest in a diverse set of investment portfolios, and redeem rewards from a curated list of partners when they achieve those goals.

“As the country’s first Islamic digital investment manager, we set out to provide Malaysians with a reliable and transparent investment product that is not only efficient and accessible but also shariah-compliant at its core.

“No matter the size of your account, we make sure that your investment portfolio is diversified, halal, and is tailored to achieve your personal financial milestones in life,” said the Country Executive Director of Wahed Invest, Mohd Izzat Fadhli Azman.

With the Savings Booster Programme, Wahed is offering it’s users a comprehensive and user-friendly experience which is suitable for every investor from all walks of life.

Visit our online investments site here to find out more about how you can start investing using a robo advisor.

Investors will be able to choose a reward from a list of participating partners like:

  • Tripfez Travel Sdn Bhd, an online travel agency where investors will be able to enjoy RM 400 discounts on early umrah bookings, when the borders reopen.
  • Zenyum and Artius, both orthodontic dental service providers where investors can enjoy discounts up to RM600 for retainers and aligners, and other perks such as free consultations.

The Savings Booster Programme is also made possible thanks to Wahed’s collaboration with ACCESS Health International, which has helped bring in health oriented partnerships and benefits to the Programme.

If you’re interested in taking part in the Savings Booster Programme, you can do so in this link.

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