Travel Insurance Add-On At MATTA Fair



Travellers looking for good holiday deals at the upcoming Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA) Fair can now get travel insurance too.

The three-day fair beginning March 13, has partnered with Berjaya Sompo Insurance Berhad (BSIB) as its insurance partner for the fair, offering premiums from RM18 per trip.

Fair organising chairman S. Jayakumar said travellers often underestimated the importance of travel insurance.

“Many travellers think nothing untoward will happen. But does one have to take risks, when for a small sum, one can cover against lost luggage, missed flights or medical expenses in a foreign country?” he said yesterday.

Datuk Patrick Loh, chief executive officer of BSIB, said the coming fair would be a good platform to provide competitive travel packages and insurance products for travellers.

“We will offer travellers a wide range of affordable travel insurance premiums,” he added.

Thanks to Travel Insurance

For PR consultant Beverley Hon, 39, travel insurance is important when she travelled due to a bad experience.

“I have an annual insurance and it’s very useful. Last year I was travelling from the United States to Malaysia, and one of my flights got cancelled due to bad weather.

“I had to stay an extra day and the airline would not compensate me. I filed an insurance claim and got RM600 in compensation, which is not bad as I pay RM320 annually,” Hon said.

For Lisa Zama, 28, teacher, was travelling in Indonesia with her sister when disaster struck.

“A heavy urn fell on her and broke her ribs. She spent several days in hospital. Thankfully we had travel insurance as the medical bill was extremely high,” Lisa said.



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