TM To Implement 100% Paperless Billing By September

TM To Implement 100% Paperless Billing By September

Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) have announced that they will be implementing a paperless billing system for all of their broadband and telephone customers. TM aims to roll out this 100% paperless billing structure by the 10th of September.

This is in line with TM’s efforts towards a greener and eco-friendly future with 100% paperless billing .

Broadband and telephone customers will receive a PDF version of their bill via email, including a text message stating their account number, the amount to be paid, and the due date.

Currently, about 50% of TM’s customers are already on the e-billing system. Come September, TM targets to completely do away with printed bills.

“The implementation of e-Bill as the standard billing is to provide greater convenience to all our customers – no more cumbersome paper printouts and hassle-free access to your bills wherever you are. e-Bill is an environmentally friendly way to receive, review and pay your bill. Your bill will arrive on time and securely via email with a link to pay online,” Imri Mokhtar, Executive Vice President of Unifi said.

“Today, 1.65 million bills are still being printed and delivered every month to remaining broadband and telephone customers nationwide. Starting 10 September 2018, we are expanding the e-billing implementation to all our customers to enable them a faster, easier, worry-free way to manage their monthly bill and payment. We believe this move will provide great convenience for our customers to access their monthly bill statements and streamlining their bill payment routine.” he added.

Customers who want to retrieve their itemised bills can do so via or by downloading the care@unifi app at Google Play Store or Apple iTunes.



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