TM Offers To Upgrade Streamyx Users To UniFi Speeds For Free

TM Offers To Upgrade Streamyx Users To UniFi Speeds For Free

Telekom Malaysia has launched a new programme to upgrade Streamyx users to UniFi; completely free of charge. This is subject to the availability of infrastructure, and the landing page doesn’t make it clear how many users will be benefiting from this upgrade.

According to the announcement, the upgrade programme is split into 3 different parts. Those living in landed property could see their internet speeds boosted to 100Mbps, while high-rise occupants could potentially see speeds of 30Mbps. The third category is for those still outside the expanded UniFi coverage area; which will see their speeds bumped up to 8Mbps.

Existing Streamyx customers can check their eligibility for the upgraded speeds through the UniFi upgrade landing page.

Communications and multimedia minister Gobind Singh Deo called out TM and Streamyx in particularly earlier this month. Saying that TM should explain the challenges facing the Streamyx service, and that the GLC should propose measures to correct the problem.

TM is also in the process of rolling out the UniFi Turbo upgrade, which will provide speed improvements of up to 10x for existing UniFi subscribers. There’s been little news on the status of the upgrades; although TM has also been restructuring its UniFi offerings due to the recent government directive to bring prices down.


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