The Cost Of Infertility In Malaysia

infertility malaysia

One of the most challenging aspects of the infertility experience is dealing with the emotional ups and downs that come with it. When a couple is unable to have children, it can cause great mental and physical distress.

The feelings of anguish and despair can grow overwhelming and cause a strain in relationships. Lost hope and hurt become constant companions on the lonely road threaded by couples in search for the destination of parenthood.

It is a dreary journey and statistics tell us that couples do not walk this road alone. For an increasing number of couples, the pitter-patter of tiny feet remains an elusive goal.

Unfortunately, due to poor fertility knowledge and cultural beliefs, many couples resign to “fate” and suffer in silence. But you don’t have to.

You are not alone

Mayo Clinic defines the inability to conceive or infertility as not getting pregnant despite having carefully timed, unprotected sex for up to one year. In Malaysia, up to one in seven couples find that they require assistance to become pregnant at some point of their life.

infertility malaysia

Fortunately, there are various fertility treatment options out there that can help couples who are determined to start a family of their own.

The good news is, many of these treatments have demonstrated high success rates. However, they also come with a rather hefty price tag. Here is a quick glimpse of how much fertility treatment options cost in Malaysia:

infertility malaysia

Not all couples who have trouble conceiving will need to undergo fertility treatments. If you’ve been trying to get pregnant for less than a year, making appropriate lifestyle changes such as switching to a healthier diet, cutting on alcohol, keeping to a healthy weight and getting adequate levels of exercise may help.

The rule of thumb is, if you’ve been trying to conceive for more than a year and are not pregnant, it is time to seek professional help.

However, if you are a woman over the age of 35, or if you think that either you or your partner may have a fertility problem, the appropriate course of action would be to consult a doctor at a fertility clinic or a hospital after six months.

The type of treatment you will require will depend on your circumstances, including the cause of your fertility problems, the age of the female partner and your medical history. You may find a list of fertility clinics available in Kuala Lumpur here.

With all the anticipation that comes with starting a family, potential parents must prepare for the financial implications that come with having children. The advent of the little ones will mark one of the most significant financial changes in their lives.

In addition, added financial challenges in today’s economic climate,  including an uncertain economy, less job stability and growing healthcare costs make careful family planning especially essential in building a sound future for you and your family.

Think infertility treatment is expensive? Wait till you see how much giving birth in Malaysia could cost you.

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