Car Dealerships Rush To Get Rid Of Tesla Stock

Car Dealerships Rush To Get Rid Of Tesla Stock

Last week, Tesla Malaysia announced that they are bringing their operations in Malaysia with a cryptic instagram post. From there, we’ve gotten news of an official launch date in Malaysia, July 20, and also an official listing of the Tesla Model Y.

While Malaysian Electric Vehicle (EV) enthusiasts and Elon Musk fanboys might be rejoicing at the news, it is bad news to some people.

One of those people are the local car dealerships, who have started to slash prices on their existing stock of Tesla EVs in order to stay competitive and cut losses.

A brief overview of these dealerships listings on websites like Mudah revealed that dealerships have started selling their existing Tesla Model Y at a discount of almost 50 percent of the original price it was listed for.

Tesla revealed their official listing of the Tesla Model Y last week, and it was a pleasant surprise for EV enthusiasts and Tesla fans as it was much cheaper than previously speculated.

Tesla Model Y’s pricing will start at RM199,000, which is below estimates by as much as RM50,000 and RM100,000. For comparison, the standard range model Y is priced at 1,959,000 baht (RM256,149) in Thailand, and SGD 87,990 (RM301,687) in Singapore.

Locally, the Model Y will come in three base specifications packages, Y Rear-wheel drive (RWD) at RM199,000, Long Range All-wheel drive (AWD) at RM246,000, and the top spec Performance AWD at RM288,000.

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