Income Tax Malaysia

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It’s tax season again. If you are unsure how to file your income tax online, or how to maximise on tax reliefs, we’ve got you covered!

5 Tax Moves To Make Before 2023 Ends (That Can Boost Your Refunds Next Year)

Save on tax payments with these smart year-end tax moves.

It’s Mandatory To Use Online Tax Services From September 1

The mandate comes from LHDN to increase the number of fully online services.

LHDN To Collect Record High Income Tax From Malaysians

A surge of up to 20% compared to the previous year’s income tax collections.

Freelancer Guide To Building A Financial Safety Net

The life of a hired gun is exciting and daunting. But it’s not all that difficult if your finances are…

You Can Request To Pay Instalment For Income Tax Arrears And Real Property Gain Tax

Pay your income tax arrears and real property gain tax through instalments

Is Angel Investing Worth The Money And Effort?

Think you’re out of investment options but still have money to invest? Then, angel investing is timely and worthwhile looking…

How To Maximise Your Insurance Income Tax Reliefs (Before The End Of 2023)

Reduce your taxes by claiming your insurance premium payments under tax relief.

Guide To Paying Tax For Your Business Income As An Individual

30 June is the deadline for individuals with business income to file their income tax. Here's a summary of what…

Is Overseas Income Taxable? Time To Find Out

Let’s answer this question before the final submission of your income taxes

What Happens If You Forget To File Your Income Tax?

You may face fines or higher tax charges.