It’s Never Been Easier To Switch To A Postpaid Mobile Plan

It’s Never Been Easier To Switch To A Postpaid Mobile Plan

Despite popular belief, a majority of Malaysians are actually still on prepaid lines. Industry reports from Malaysia’s top three telcos indicate that prepaid outweighed postpaid users by a ratio of 6:4.

Prepaid certainly has its perks. The credit top up system allows people to carefully manage their monthly phone usage, while the low costs are attractive to people who are on a budget.

However, these benefits also introduce their own set of hassles. For instance prepaid users need to constantly keep track of their phone call charges; something that makes managing credit usage very difficult. Additionally, prepaid users need to keep track of their phone line validity or risk it being suspended.

On the other hand, postpaid plans get to enjoy the benefit of device bundles, which reduces the amount customers need to spend on smartphones. For many this is the only option to afford the latest flagship smartphones at subsidised costs.

However, the benefits of postpaid is offset by the higher monthly commitments; ranging from RM50 per month and more. But what if there is an easier way to move up to a postpaid plan with all the perks minus the financial burden?

Enjoy more without breaking your bank

The Hotlink Postpaid Flex provides an easy entry to postpaid that can be adjusted to suit your lifestyle. To put it simply, it was created with prepaid plan users in mind.

It has a low monthly subscription that starts at RM30, with the flexibility of additional unlimited data top up if you need it. It also comes with unlimited free calls and SMS, so if you’ve run of data, you can do it the old-fashioned way – picking up the phone and make a call!

Hotlink Postpaid FlexBasicWith More DataPlus

How much you pay each month can be adjusted to your needs. This gives you the option of adding internet data if you’re running low, or even buying specific unlimited data add-ons for frequently used apps (Social, Music, Chat).

Speaking of data hungry apps, the higher tiers of Hotlink Postpaid Flex also include an additional quota designated specifically for streaming YouTube videos.

To keep track of all these different features, the Hotlink Flex app will keep track of how much data you’ve already used in the current billing cycle.

Unlimited Apps Add-Ons
Unlimited SocialUnlimited MusicUnlimited Chat
TwitterJOOX MusicQQ

At RM30 per month to get started, it offers the easiest entry point for those new to postpaid services. Not to mention that it still works off Maxis’ 4G LTE network; which the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) reported to be the most reliable telco for 2018.

Your dream smartphone for just RM1

For the most part, getting a device along with your postpaid plan is a bonus. However, it should not be a purchase that will complete derail your budget, or worse, put you in debt!

Take a look at how telcos are marketing their postpaid plan bundled with devices. Many smartphones with a plan are sold far below market value to make a particular postpaid plan more attractive. How else do so many people own flagship devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or the iPhone XS?

However, you will still need to fork out a substantial amount of money for the upfront payment or increase your monthly commitments with a more expensive plan.

Instead, the Hotlink Postpaid Flex Plus plan offers a range of the latest entry level smartphones for as low as RM1. For example, the OPPO A1k offers a massive 6.1-inch display paired with an equally massive 4,000 mAh battery. According to OPPO, this gives the smartphone a substantial 17 hours of screen-on time.

The A1k also sports a bezel-less front display coupled with a waterdrop notch for the front camera, making the A1k look sleek and stylish.

As the budget option, the OPPO A1k is available with Hotlink Prepaid Flex for only RM1 (normally retailing for RM499).

Those with a slightly bigger budget can opt for the Samsung Galaxy A20, available for only RM199 (normal retail price RM699) with a Hotlink Postpaid Flex plan. This smartphone is equipped with a 6.4-inch HD+ Infinity-V Display and comes with Samsung’s Super AMOLED technology. Combined, they crate super bright images that pop off the screen.

On the back is an ultra-wide dual camera setup which pairs 13MP and 5MP shooters to capture better images than a single camera could manage.

There are many more great smartphones too choose from with Hotlink Postpaid Flex, all of which are available for well below their normal retail price.

Make the switch

If you’re a prepaid user and looking to move up to a postpaid plan, it may be a good idea to give Hotlink Postpaid Flex a try with its ‘Postpaid Made Easy’ benefits.

More information about Hotlink Postpaid Flex can be found through the website or your nearest Maxis/Hotlink dealer.

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