Can Staying Healthy Really Help You Avoid Costly Medical Bills?

how to stay healthy

We all know how easy it is to lose track of our health when pursuing careers and taking care of our family.

Sitting all day in an air-conditioned office, a daily diet of fast food and not allowing enough time to exercise, rest and sleep is a routine that many of us find easy to fall into without realising the long term risks of this lifestyle.

This deadly combination of lifestyle choices can easily lead to medical conditions that puts you at high risk for non – communicable diseases (NCDs) and critical illnesses. They are not only life-threatening but also costly, both financially and emotionally.

What’s scary is you may not notice the signs until it’s too late. NCDs and critical illnesses don’t usually happen overnight but are often the result of years of bad eating habits and lifestyle choices.

Over 20 million Malaysians are at risk

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), NCDs are estimated to account for 74% of all deaths in Malaysia. In fact, two-thirds of Malaysians already have at least one of three NCD risk factors and the number is increasing.

NCD risk factors2006 (%)2011 (%)2015 (%)
High Cholesterol28.243.947.7
Note: Data is for population aged 15 years’ and above.
Source: National Strategic Plan For Non-Communicable Disease 2016-2025, Ministry of Health, Malaysia, Pg. 5

While we cannot avoid falling sick, we have the power to lower the risk by staying healthy and keeping tabs on our health. We can do this by going for regular health checks and being prepared.

However, the reality is many Malaysians do not bother to take this simple step to lower their health risks. The 2015 National Health and Morbidity Survey (NHMS) had revealed that a high proportion of Malaysians had undiagnosed NCD risk factors that led to late diagnosis and treatment with more medical complications.

So it’s better to know your health risks early and take steps to prevent them.

The power to lower your health risk is in your hands

The first step is prevention.

You can get started with simple steps that you can achieve in your daily life today. Making simple adjustments to how you eat, making time to relax and get plenty of sleep as well as staying physically active goes a long way to increase your chances of staying healthy

Taking small steps to safeguard your health now also means you’ll save money on over the counter and prescription medicine to treat various ailments down the road.

The human body is subject to many changes as we age, and getting regular health checks is a good way to monitor your health regularly.

Now, you can easily keep your health milestones on track with AIA Vitality which rewards you for getting regular health checks and you can earn a Yearly Cash Bonus if you level up your healthy activities to reach Gold and Platinum status.

Bring Vitality into your daily life and earn more points!

  • Level up your fitness to earn rewards
  • Enjoy discounts for gym memberships, fitness devices and groceries
  • RM150 cash voucher to quit smoking
  • RM20 nutrition consultation

The next best thing to prevention is being prepared

Prevention and regular screening not only lower your health risks but allows for early detection of any serious medical conditions.

Studies show that early detection is still the best defence we can give ourselves and our bodies to increase the survival rate for many common critical illnesses.

Critical illnessSurvival rate
Breast cancerMore than 90% if detected early
Liver disease90% is preventable if diagnosed at early stage
Kidney diseaseCan reduce 50% chances of kidney problem progressing into disease
Stroke80% is treatable if caught early
Sources: AIA Malaysia, New Straits Times, The Star, British Liver Trust, American Stroke Association

Getting help when you need it in the early stages of an illness really makes a big difference. For example, breast cancer survival rates for those diagnosed in early stages when the cancer has not spread can be as high as 99% while those detected in the later stages when the disease has spread have just 28% chance of survival.

Treating an illness is expensive and the average cost of treating breast cancer can reach RM65,000 per year. Imagine how big a dent that will put in your savings if you try to pay for these treatments by yourself!

With AIA A-Life Beyond Critical Care, you can benefit from health screenings to keep yourself as low risk as possible.

Plus, you’ll get the widest coverage available with protection for 180 conditions from early stages, to intermediate and advanced stages, as well as post treatment support.

The best reward you can get for a lifetime of staying healthy is to get back up to 150% of your premium at maturity, so there’s nothing to lose!

Let A-Life Beyond Critical Care be part of your health journey

While there’s no proof that being healthy reduces the risk of terminal illness or chronic diseases, it still makes good financial sense to look after your own health.

Getting the right protection is the first step to help you achieve the goal of living healthier longer while remaining financially secure.

Findings presented at the World Economic Forum reveal that healthcare cost in Southeast Asian countries will increase by 70% over the next two decades. In fact, healthcare costs are expected to increase faster than economic growth, so it makes good financial sense to be prepared and taking preventive steps like lowering your risk by staying healthy.

Here’s how A-Life Beyond Critical Care rewards you for staying healthy*

  • Prevention through health screening benefits and access to AIA Vitality app to eat well, move well and stay healthy.
  • Protection against 180 conditions from early stages, to intermediate and advanced stages and get 100% of coverage amount when diagnosed with critical illness.
  • Support from AIA’s Personal Medical Case Management for diagnosis and treatment advice and Recovery Support Benefit to cover medications, consultations, follow up screenings, and rehabilitation therapies.
  • Rewards your efforts to stay healthy with Yearly Cash Bonus and up to 150% premium back upon maturity for policies.

*Subject to terms and conditions

While you make prevention your priority by staying healthy, the right insurance plan makes sure you have the right protection and provides the support you need when the unexpected happens.

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