3 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Rewards Credit Card

3 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Rewards Credit Card

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Have you ordered your meal or groceries online? How about booking a trip on a ride-sharing app? Chances are most of us have carried out a cashless transaction recently.

In order to do so, you must have used a form of online payment method to make it happen. This trend is set to grow as more goods and services move online to cater to changing consumer habits.

According to a survey by the MCMC on Malaysian internet users in 2018, more than half of Internet users used online banking (54.2%) in 2018, compared to 41.7% in 2016.

Using cashless payment transactions is clearly the way to go but why not make the most out of it. Most payment cards offer a type of reward points system so why not take advantage of it if you plan to go about your daily life using cashless payment anyway?

Get more from your credit card rewards

Naturally, the more you use your credit cards, the faster your reward points rack up.

If you are paying for certain services and products on a regular basis, just use your credit card instead of cash. You are not spending money on things you don’t need but on everyday purchases like petrol, groceries, having dinner with the family or making purchases from online stores.

At present, only about 27% of Malaysians use credit cards to pay for their expenses, according to the Malaysian Payment Landscape syndicated report released by Nielsen Malaysia in 2019. Clearly, many more Malaysians have yet to jump on the rewards credit card bandwagon and maximise their benefits.

Furthermore, research shows that Malaysians are set to spend more as the population becomes more affluent.

BMI Research reported that Malaysian household spending is set to grow by an average of 10.8% by 2022 mainly due to rising levels of disposable income as well as contributed by growing urbanisation and higher foreign investment.

Among the key retail areas predicted to grow include consumer electronics as well as toys, sports and even spending on their pets. You don’t have to try very hard to look for situations where you can use a credit card instead of another method of payment.

With the right credit card, you can get rewarded for going about your daily routine, doing things you would have done anyway.

Use your credit card for everything

Can you find a credit card that rewards you for doing something you already plan to do?

The HSBC Platinum Credit Card with refreshed benefits is designed for everyday living.

Catering to the various needs of the busy executive, whether it is buying coffee, making online purchases to save time or booking your holiday, the HSBC Platinum Credit Card helps you to craft your lifestyle to be more meaningful, while spending smart and being financially responsible.

The new HSBC Platinum Credit Card now rewards up to 8x reward points when you spend on your daily necessities. Each time you swipe or tap on your credit card, you will be earning reward points which can be used to redeem for items or cash vouchers. Some of the redemption items are cash vouchers from Lazada, Grab, Zalora and Aeon to name a few.

Following are handy tips on how to make the HSBC Platinum Credit Card your everyday credit card.

3 tips to get more out of your rewards credit card

  • Remember to use the card for your everyday spend

You can tend to your daily needs and pay for them conveniently using the contactless function of the card.

Needs don’t just stop at food, clothes and a roof over your head. It extends to nourishing the soul and taking care of yourself. Apart from buying nutritious food that gets you up and out, day and night, little things such as dining with family, getting a coffee fix in the middle of a hectic day, a get-together with friends during the weekend and pampering yourself with a good book or a massage.

With HSBC Platinum Credit Card, for very RM1 that you spend on contactless spend you will be collecting 8x reward points. As the spending are pretty much routine and necessary, you will be adding value to every ringgit that you spend, which otherwise would be nothing.

    • Use the card when shopping for necessities online

    Online shopping has garnered a remarkable following in Malaysia, as more platforms emerge and service providers offer an alternative to their bricks and mortar shops. Most popular items Malaysians buy online are food, travel related services, clothings, cosmetics and perfumes as well as sports items.

    With HSBC Platinum Credit Card, you can now earn 5x reward points with every RM1 that you spend online with Lazada, Shopee, Zalora, Grab, HappyFresh and Fave. Apart from saving you precious time and energy, your online shopping spree will now reward you with cash vouchers.

    Whether you are Grabbing to your next meeting or buying last minute supplies on Lazada, Happyfresh or Zalora and even when paying for a family meal through Fave, HSBC will add value to each of your purchases done with these online merchants.

    • Get rewarded when you travel

    Malaysians are active travellers and are exploring the world like never before. It has been forecast that Malaysians will make 14.2 million international outbound travel trips by 2021 which is an average of 3.5% increase annually from 11.9 million trips recorded in 2016.

    If travel is already on your agenda whether it is for business, family holidays or class reunions, why not get rewarded for going on the trip at the same time by using the card for your hotel bookings, car rentals, plane tickets and even for your daily meals.

    As you travel and spend money overseas, you will receive 5x reward points for every RM1 you spend. Hence, apart from gaining experiences and unforgettable memories, there will also be monetary gains as a HSBC Platinum Credit Card traveller.

    Additional reward points for HSBC Platinum Credit Card users

    If you haven’t yet found your everyday card, now is the best time to make up your mind.

    When you sign up for the HSBC Platinum Credit Card now, you will earn 5x more reward points when you spend with Malindo Air, Klook, and Hermo until 31 December 2019.

    On top of that, HSBC Platinum Mastercard holders get to enjoy additional discounts as below:

          • 15% off Economy Class fares via Malindo Air every Wednesday of the month
          • 5% off all activities with Klook
          • 10% off total bill with Hermo (no minimum spend!)

    To find out more, check out HSBC SmartPrivileges.

    You will also be eligible for additional acquisition offers running from 15 July 2019 to 31 December 2019. Simply apply, activate and spend 1 transaction with HSBC Platinum Credit Card and you could get 50,000 reward points which is equivalent to RM100 cash voucher. There is a wide selection of merchants such as Lazada, AEON, KFC and Parkson for you to spend your voucher.

    Moreover, when you spend a minimum of RM1,500, you could get a total of 100,000 reward points and be able to redeem even more items from HSBC Reward Catalogue.

    Smart spending habits that make use of rewards and cashbacks are what sets the financially savvy apart and ahead from the rest. Spending wisely and making use of HSBC Platinum Credit Card will boost your financial standing and reward you in the long run.

    From buying groceries and dining with family to shopping for necessities online and travelling overseas, HSBC Platinum Credit Card offers you up to 8x reward points that you can accumulate to redeem cash vouchers. For more information, contact us now.
    *The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not reflect those of HSBC.

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