Securities Commissions Adds Three New Names To Investor Alert List

Securities Commissions Adds Three New Names To Investor Alert List

The Securities Commission (SC), Malaysia’s sole regulator of the capital markets, has updated their Investor Alert list, with three new names in the list.

SC updated on this yesterday (Tuesday), notifying investors of these three new names on the list;

  • Bintang Capital = Potential clone entity
  • Sahabat Trader
  • TDX Global Technologies = Potential clone entity.

Operating without licence, running a clone firm scam among top alerts

The Investor Alert list is a list issued by the SC that includes the name of entities, companies and persons that are operating in the markets without proper authorization, participating in activities that are regulated without a licence, or misusing and misrepresenting SC’s logo.

A potential clone entity is an entity that might be running a ‘clone firm scam’, a scam where a fraudulent person or entity impersonates a legitimate or licenced entity.

If you’re looking to make any type of investment or get involved in any market activity, make sure that the company you’re working with holds a valid licence and authorization from SC before doing anything.

Over 240 names added to list in 2023

In 2023, over 240 names have been added by SC to the list until December. The list is updated periodically for the public’s reference. The list is available at SC’s website – Members of the public are encouraged to alert the SC if you come across any suspicious capital market activities.

As always, be vigilant and #JanganKenaScam.

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